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1 Q250 HQ Zorai Amp, stats:

184/241 HP
2397 Sapload

S +100%
P +100%

S +95%
P +82%

S +100%
P +100%

S +93%
P +92%

Looking for Dappers

Starting Bid 5m

Increments of 500k

Auction will end in 72hrs from now! (1030 am 16/03 UTC)

Edit - Missed off one of the most important stats! Q250 Amps of course :P

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If these are not q250 amps, please let us know. :)


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They are, Kind of important info i missed out there lol

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How much would a brand new pair cost?

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These are Unique, and i have no plans of making another set like this, they were part of the process in researching recepies to further my own expertise in the art of Amp crating!

Consider the slight use, as "Antique" wear.

I highly doubt another set like this will come along for sale again :)

also, 184 hp is higher than a lot of amps have at new, another indicator of their fine craftmenship, even after some use!

However i could be persuaded for the right price to make a second set as a bespoke order, but that price would be extraordinarily high i feel :)

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Ok 5 mil :)

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Sold to the highest (and only) Bidder!

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