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Lykos' gaze wandered over the city. From one of the arcades of the imperial palace he could see the entire capital. Pyr never slept. The canyonlike streets bustled with life night and day. After the return of the Fyros to Pyr, when the time of Exodus was over, many decided to move into the city proper. They could not forget how the Kitins walked over the Dunes and how long the fortified walls of the great city protected them.

"Justice. I feel the same as you. I feel ashamed and full of anger at the injustice of what was done to our people by the Kitins. The Kitin threat must be ended! ..."

Lykos still remembered every single word of the speech he held after the funeral of his beloved father, Dexton. His lips were slowly moving as he recited the words from his memory.

"... What we survived must be the last time they force us to flee, the last time they set their claws into this city, the last time they dare to make war against the Fyros! Nevermore! This must end! ..."

It was a promise. A promise to his own people. He turned around, with firm steps he left his private rooms in the palace. He passed two guards who stood to attention immediately. A secretary jumped from his chair and hurried to keep pace with the sharükos. 

"Mobilize the army. I want it fully operational within three days." The secretary nodded assidiously. "All patriots who can wield a weapon shall gather in Thesos*. We will crush the Kitins there first."
He was the sharükos. His wrath was the wrath of his people. His war cry would multiply until it was a thunder rolling across the dunes.

"... Listen to me, Kitins, as long as I can hold a sword, as long as the fires of the Flaming Forest burn, as long as the wind blows over the Dunes, I will fight against you and your brood!"

[OOC] The Imperial Army and homins will gather in Thesos on Sunday, 9th February, 20 GMT. It will be a fighting event against high level opponents. Low level players are cordially invited but are recommended to join a strong team. A teleporter pact for Savage Dunes (Thesos), Pyr and Dunes of Exile (Dyron) will be necessary to join all parts of the event. [/OOC]

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