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A small chill ran down Ailan's spine. Was it because of the Kitins? No, she had fought countless fights against these beasts. It was because of the air conditioning system in Shaley Nara's office. It was an elaborate system the Tryker engineers had developed to get fresh air into the submerged parts of their cities and in most of the habitat towers it was possible to adjust the temperature of the air pumped into the rooms.

Ailan Mac'Kean, Denen Toen and Shaley Nara were studying the latest reports of the Kitin observation camps. Now that they were completed, they received detailed information about Kitin movements in the whole of Aeden Aqueous. And there were massive movements!

Denen pointed at certain points on the big Lakeland map spread over Shaley's desk. "Let's sum up the observations. The kitin mounds southeast of Crystabell, east of Avendale and east of Windermeer have been reinforced by the Kitins. While the mound close to Fairhaven has only very few Kitins left. The guards from the Witchy Cove Camp in Winds of Muse have observed Kitins migrating from the Crystabell mound towards Bounty Beaches. Guards from Resting Waters patrolling in Fount have observed a similar movement into the west."

Shaley nodded. "The Twin Tops Camp have reported a massive increase of Kitin activity in Bounty Beaches. What do they want there?"

Ailan pursed her lips. After a while she took the report from Twin Tops and read it again. "Kiban. That's unusual." Shaley looked at Ailan curiously. "What's the matter with Kibans? There are a lot of them in Bounty Beaches." Ailan nodded slowly. "That's right, but not in the company of Kitins of the Depths. They behave differently. I assume these are..." Ailan stopped.

"Tunnel drillers?" Denen asked, his voice full of sorrows. "I don't know why they need a new tunnel there, but I'm afraid they're starting to build another one", Ailan speculated. Denen looked at the map. "It's close to the lands of Umbra. Maybe it's a connection to Underwood Woe. Or maybe the Kitins need a larger tunnel. Liberty Lake never has been a good location for them to dig."

Shaley's face showed determination now. "We have to stop them before they have a breakthrough there! Let's strike first!" Ailan sighed. "It would mean that we have to leave our cities with less guards. It's risky, very risky." Denen looked at the map. "We gain some time if we first eliminate the Kitin presence in front of Avendale, Crystabell and Windermeer. We could unite the forces of the three cities to meet in Bounty Beaches and attack the drillers."

Shaley and Denen looked at Ailan. After a moment of silence, the governor finally nodded. "Spread the word in all cities: The Federation strikes back. The Trykers go to war."
"Talai o lochi! Trykeri! Friends of the Federation!

The Kitins have been one step ahead of us for the longest time. Now is the time to strike back. We call every inhabitant of the three cities of Avendale, Crystabell and Windermeer to gather at their stables 4h - Dua, Frutor 20, 3rd AC 2576 (*). Free homins and the guilds of Fairhaven may chose one of the three locations at their own will. Prepare for a hard fight against Kitin forces."

Ailan Mac'Kean, governor and Kard'al of Windermeer
Denen Toen, Kard'al of Avendale
Shaley Nara, Kard'al of Crystabell

(*) [OOC] Wednesday, February 5th, 20h00 GMT. The french community meets Denen Toen in Avendale, the german community meets Ailan Mac'Kean in Windermeer, the international (english speaking) community meets Shaley Nara in Crystabell.
It will be a fighting event against high level opponents. Low level players are cordially invited but are recommended to join a strong team. [/OOC]

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Why don't we let em digg the hole?
So the devs are forced to put in a new land for us to explore.
Worst case scenario is we got an extra connection to Underwood Woe for tping and some more kittin in Bounty Beaches wich no much ppl use anyway for grinding.


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Well, it looks as if my observations did not go un-noticed this time. *grin*

Suboxide, I must disagree with your evaluation of the importance of Bounty Beaches. Certainly the populations of cutes and kitins (not to mention torbaks and zerxes) discourage harvesting of mass quantities of materials but it is a part of the major communication and shipping route between the Witherings and the central part of Aeden Aqueous.

In addition, giving the kitins *any* easy access to the Bark goes against my grain.

-- Bittty

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