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The aktimoskain on guard duty in front of the tent startled violently as Akilia Ash Storm emerged in a roar of hessian and noise. The Leader of the Clan of Ashes had arrived a few days before in this encampment that she used only rarely, and had ordered the Marauder to guard its entrance. And this one couldn't manage to get used to her temperament, alike a summer thunderstrom.
"Mezix! Appear now or you'll regret it!"
Out of nowhere, the slender and grey silhouette of the enchantress appeared in front of Akilia, before fully taking life and colors. Mezix calmly lowered her eyes before her leader, accustomed to her irascible character.
"The usurper, this son of a zerx of Lykos!" yelled Akilia.
"This frightened yubo who's trying to control the Burning Desert and to spy on our moves under the guise of watching the Kitins!  Yet I've had his building sites sabotaged several times without him noticing it, and still his towers are growing! And not only are the Rangers helping him, but he has also asked those soil-scratchers of Barkers to work for him. This clumsy izam is whining so much to half of Atys, that he'll manage to erect those silly towers. But it does not matter!!"

 "You've got a plan, Akilia" There was no question in the enchantress voice.
A predatory smile lightened the face of the leader of the Clan of Ashes. She calmed down a bit and looked at Mezix with affection.
"Of course. You know me so well." After exchanging a glare which seemed to appease her, Akilia spoke more quietly:
"Go to the Hidden Source and find some Marauders teams ready for battle. Gather them over a few days. As for me, I'll contact Aen. Leave now." 

With a bow of her head, Mezix saluted her leader; then, without moving, she lost her colors until there was nothing but a grey silhouette left, which soon disappeared. 

Behind his dark helmet, the aktimoskain observed the Ash Storm surreptitiously and looked at her contemplating the empty space before her. A smile, softer than the previous one, sprung on Akilia's lips for a brief instant, immediatly replaced by her usual cold pout. Turning her head suddenly, she looked daggers to the aktimoskain, who blanched in his armor, then she disappeared in her tent, blowing the hessian gate before her.
Appearing in the marauder encampment of the Hidden Source, Mezix began looking for the leaders of the Clans affiliated to the Clan of Ashes and told them that Akilia had ordered their armed and armored attendance for her coming to the marauder camp, on ERR:[]2014-01-22  21:00  CET]*.
(*) Wednesday, 22 January 2014 20:00:00 UTC (7 years ago).

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Fyros announcement
From city to city, in Pyr, in Thesos, and in Dyron, the Imperial Crier announces today the call to arms for all the people Fyros :

Patriots of the Burning Desert Empire !

While participating in the effort to build the Kitin Observation Towers, our friends and allies of the Barkers Tribe were assaulted and thrown to the ground by barbarous Marauders who sliced their flesh and spilled their sap on the dust.

Like varinx, they fell upon their prey and tore from them the fruit of their labor, the reward of their efforts: the raw materials they intended for the support  of the great project of monitoring the Empire.

Our Emperor, sharükos Lykos, fair and firm, has decided that such a crime could not go unpunished, and the Fyros People could not allow these lawless homins to keep their plunder.

Therefore, all the Patriots who can hold a blade or manipulate Kami magic are called to defend the honor of the Empire of the Burning Desert and to place themselves under the command of General Icaphotis Dylidus on the 9th day of Winderly the fourth cycle of the year 2576 (*) at the Cerakos Gate of Pyr.

sharükos pyrèkud!

(*) [HRP] On Sunday, January 26, 2014, 20:00 UTC / 21:00 CET[/ HRP]

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Marauders announcement
The Marauder  camp in Hidden Source had known for a few days some unusual activity. Among the Marauders clans, the news spread at the speed of a galloping mektoub: Aen, the Desert Blade and scout of the Burning Desert had come to announce that the Fyros felon calling himself Emperor had called up an army against the Marauders camp.

The Fyros People intended to come to recover the mektoubs stolen a few days earlier and with them, the loads of raw materials intended for the monitoring tower sites in the Desert.

The Marauders were preparing to defend their dearly taken loot and their homes, and they murmured that Akilia Ash Storm would send the great Marauder Scarlet to lead the battle.

[HRP] The defense of the camp will be organized at Hidden Source from 21:00 CET (20:00 UTC), Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014. [/HRP]

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