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Xyphacanthus, Act 2: "The Knowledge of the Botanist" (part two)

Conscientiously Cicho Trivaldo washed a flower glass in the bar which he operated in Yrkanis. The peddler, Riffy Rithy, leaned against the bar and sipped on a Shooki before his return to Aeden Aqueous. The Tryker was a frequent visitor to the bar and since both homins had known each other for a long time they were in animated conversation.

"What kind of thing is that to drink from?"
"The flower glasses?" asked the Matis. "It is the Assistant of the Master Botanist Perinia who makes them grow into this form. Impressive, isn't it?"
"Yeah, ingenious, though a little too flowery for me. You're truly gifted with plants here."
"Botany is the specialty of the Matis, an art in which we exceed every race. Imagine a Fyros trying to do the same, you would hardly see a result," the Matis said with a scornful expression.
"Perhaps, who knows... Hey, I remember a Fyros who said he knew more about botany than the Matis itself. Well, he was pretty drunk, but he was completely sure about that... 'I have all the secrets of Allati (or Alami, I don't remember) with me...'"
"Yeah, maybe. It's been quite a while, it was before the Great Swarming. If it's true, he might be able to make less ugly flower glasses than these."
"That's what I heard too," replied the bartender and shrugged. "I remember the Fyros, but in his state he could hardly distinguish between a tree trunk and a flower... I never saw him again, your great botanist."
"Hmmm... True. Well, I'm gone. I leave you to your flower dishes... Forgive me, your Matisian art pieces."

With a mocking smile and a wave to the barman Riffy Rithy left his place at the bar and went to his packmektoub that was waiting outside the treehouse.

The transient Zoraï who stood on the other side of the bar pricked up his ears. The name Almati was the subject of studies in his home country and the masked one made ​​up his mind to report about what he had heard on his return to the Witherings.

[OOC] The participating players looking for an alternative solution for the kitin mounds, as part of the sequence "Xyphacanthus - Sword of the Botanist," will be able to interview the barman at Yrkanis on Monday 20 January at 21h. Before this time Cicho will be too busy to respond and be silent on this matter. [/OOC]

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