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[Chronical] Xyphacanthus (Act 2): The Knowledge of the Botanist (first part)

Roaming the New Lands, the emissaries of the People of the Masks questioned sages and elders, botanists and historians, and everyone likely to inform them about the techniques of Gilado Almati, the Botanist Master. In their quest for an alternative to the use of termites, as advocated by the Rangers to close the kitins mounds, the Zoraï'i volunteers didn't spare their efforts nor their time. Of course, researches were intensified by the Subjects of King Stevano, legitimate heirs of the knowledge of their ancestors, who had manipulated life; and from the guards to the gardeners of the royal greenhouse, a great number of the Subjects of the Verdant Height was questioned and listened to.

Strangely enough, and while some like the Royal Botanist and Archivist Cuiccio Perinia didn't want to enlighten their paths, it was a warrior, Mezza Trivia, former leader of the Guild of Karavia and now out of favor of her Sovereign, who put them on the track of Gilado Almati. She called in her campaign memories and managed to indicate them the existence of a stele to the glory of the Botanist, found for the first time by the armies of King Yrkanis during an epic fight at the 4th CA of year 2548 (JY), against the Kitins of the young Queen Kenth'vun La'r.

Once rediscovered, the stele taught few to the Zoraï'i volunteers about the former Matis Botanist Master, but provided them nonetheless with a crucial data: a cavity in the monument showed that, at the time of its erection in 2512, there had been an amber cube in it. Alas, and as could have been expected, the place was found empty by Ma-Duk's followers, but the hope that some evidence of the techniques of the Botanist Master might still exist until recent times, filled the heart of the Masked with courage, and gave a new momentum and a more precise direction to their researches.

Pressed by the threat of a new kitin invasion, the volunteers redoubled their efforts. Across all of the New Lands, above and inside the Bark, the envoys of the People of the Masks questioned every homin, explored every ruin, turned over every collapsed vestige, searching for the amber cube which contained the knowledge of Gilado Almati.

"The pains of our Mother Atys" written by Tao Sian, Dynastic Healer of the Theocracy of the the Witherings, between 2565 and 2610.

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[Announcement] Xyphacanthus, Act 2: "The Knowledge of the Botanist" (part two)

Conscientiously Cicho Trivaldo washed a flower glass in the bar which he operated in Yrkanis. The peddler, Riffy Rithy, leaned against the bar and sipped on a Shooki before his return to Aeden Aqueous. The Tryker was a frequent visitor to the bar and since both homins had known each other for a long time they were in animated conversation.

"What kind of thing is that to drink from?"
"The flower glasses?" asked the Matis. "It is the Assistant of the Master Botanist Perinia who makes them grow into this form. Impressive, isn't it?"
"Yeah, ingenious, though a little too flowery for me. You're truly gifted with plants here."
"Botany is the specialty of the Matis, an art in which we exceed every race. Imagine a Fyros trying to do the same, you would hardly see a result," the Matis said with a scornful expression.
"Perhaps, who knows... Hey, I remember a Fyros who said he knew more about botany than the Matis itself. Well, he was pretty drunk, but he was completely sure about that... 'I have all the secrets of Allati (or Alami, I don't remember) with me...'"
"Yeah, maybe. It's been quite a while, it was before the Great Swarming. If it's true, he might be able to make less ugly flower glasses than these."
"That's what I heard too," replied the bartender and shrugged. "I remember the Fyros, but in his state he could hardly distinguish between a tree trunk and a flower... I never saw him again, your great botanist."
"Hmmm... True. Well, I'm gone. I leave you with your flower dishes... Forgive me, your Matisian art pieces."

With a mocking smile and a wave to the barman Riffy Rithy left his place at the bar and went to his packmektoub that was waiting outside the treehouse.

The transient Zoraï who stood on the other side of the bar pricked up his ears. The name Almati was the subject of studies in his home country and the masked one made ​​up his mind to report about what he had heard on his return to the Witherings.

[OOC] The participating players looking for an alternative solution for the kitin mounds, as part of the sequence "Xyphacanthus - Sword of the Botanist," will be able to interview the barman at Yrkanis on Monday 20 January at 21h. Before this time Cicho will be too busy to respond and be silent on this matter. [/OOC]

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[Announcement] Xyphacanthus: the Knowledge of the Botanist (act 2, 3rd part)

Chingi Te Wuan was observing the Cube from various angles, admiring the craftsmanship which had given it its harmoniously equal proportions. The light of the lamp struggled to make its way through the amber and, for now, no image and no text was flitting in the solid honey-colored sap. While he was looking for a parchment about the Kitins, the archivist of the Theocracy of the Witherings had found again the amber Cube, forgotten behind a shelf in the archives’ room of Zora. Its title was engraved on one side, and it didn’t foretell any great discovery, nor any mystery finally unveiled: Haven of Purity. Chingi had read and copied copies of this Cube many times when she was a young archivist apprentice. It was before the Second Great Swarm, but it seemed to her that it was only yesterday.
The Zoraï enjoyed for a time the flavor of nostalgia that the Cube gave to her. Maybe this one was one of her own copies. After cycles spent behind furniture without any homin touching it, the small piece of polished amber had deactivated all by itself, and no information other than its title appeared through the translucent amber and the dust accumulated behind the shelves. Dumb on the secrets it was keeping, the block of sap and memory was waiting for a Master well-versed in the art of the amber Cubes found it and reactivated it. Then, only, would homins be able to read it.
With a smile under her mask, Chingi whispered to the amber Cube, as to an old recovered friend:
“Ni'bao ata*”
She placed the tip of her finger on the Cube and called to the magic for the Kamis, closing her eyes, to take the small piece of amber which holds a bit of the memory of her People back to life.
(*) Hello little brother.
[OOC] This short event (15-20 minutes) will end the second act of the "Xyphacanthus" sequence, which aims at finding a botanical answer to close the kitins mounds. It will require for the attendance of one or all the carriers of the 3 amber cubes found in the Tunnel of Woe during the previous event. Each cube can be given on Thursday, 13 February 2014 20:00:00 UTC (7 years ago), either to the Zoraï Archivist Chingi Te Wuan, or to the Royal Historian Cuiccio Perinia in the Royal Conservatory of Yrkanis. [/OOC]

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