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Every Matis Noble and Vassal received the same message, the royal seal attached:
Nobles and Matis-Vassals,
Royal Academicians,

We, Stevano-Karan, son of Yrkanis-Karan and Chosen of Jena,

have ordered a thorought study about Ranger altered matis-termites to be conducted at the Royal Acadmy. It will cover their lifespan, eating habits, reproduction, specific behavior, as well as any other aspects that may prove either the dangerous or harmless about these termites, both towards the living forest biosphere of our kingdom and it's balance.

On the other hand we call the Nobles and Vassals to the Royal Palace on 2h - Quarta, Fallenor 16, 2nd AC 2576 (*), where a Royal Academy representative is going to report to us.

Finally, we order that the Royal Academy and Nobles shall work together for uncovering a method to eradicate these specific species of termites.

May Jena, Goddess and Creator of all life, bless you and bless our kingdom!

Matis Aiye, Jena Aiye!


(*) [OOC] 2014-17-01 21:00 CET
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