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#1 [en] 

Unto Stevano-Karan, Karan and High Priest of the Faith, does Antoccio Zavaldo, chief of the tribe known as Green Seed, send courteous greeting.

Deles silam, 

I and the honorable Gine Pindi, chief of the tribe of the Matisian Border Guards, wish to make a presentation of great worth to your Highness, the Nobles, Vassals, and subjects of your Kingdom. We beg that an audience may be arranged at your earliest convenience to discuss our proposal. 

Deles necat,  

Antoccio Zavaldo
Jena Aiye!

Unto the right worthy Antoccio, Chief of Green Seed, Libi Freldo, Royal Herald, sends greeting:

Deles silam,

Their Majesties, having heard your petition, and mindful of the welfare of their subjects, bid you meet with them upon 12h - Prima, Fallenor 19, 2nd AC 2576 (*) in the courtyard to the Throne Room. They look forward to your presentation.

Deles necat,

Libi Freldo 
Royal Herald
Jena Aiye!

(*) [OOC] -  Saturday, 18 January 2014 20:00:00 UTC (6 years ago) - Short RP event with some activity to be held (IRL time). [/OOC]

#2 [en] 

By our words and hand be it known that the tribes of the Green Seed and the Matisian Border Guards, and their worthy and honorable leaders, Antoccio Zavaldo and Gine Pindi, have done great service to our Kingdom by their actions in harvesting and delivering materials to the Kitin Observation Camps to the great increase in the progress of their construction.

Therefore let it further be known that we, Stevano and Miela, do confer great honor upon said Antoccio Zavaldo and Gine Pindi and name them as Friends of the Matis Nation.

By our hand and seal,

Great Seal of the Matis Kingdom
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