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As most homins know, Nomis Merclao is the magic master on Silan. He is very fond of the Icy Touch magic amps which he uses to reward his students.

On my arrival in Zora, I learned that the merchants are passing off blocks of bark with finger spaces as magic amplifiers and most of the goods for sale from crafting students is not much better. The best I could find would only increase a sap weaver's power and speed by about 71% but I had heard rumor that 83% was the standard for everyday magic amplifiers.

Through much study with the master crafters throughout the Cities of Intuition and through a great deal of research on my own, I am happy to announce a successor to the Icy Touch which improves on the 83% standard slightly including a slight increase in the sap load.

I am offering amps of this caliber for 20,000 or for 400 dapper per level, whichever is more.

I am currently only certified by the crafting guild to make q90 weapons; so, if you need an amplifier above that level, I am currently unable to meet your needs.

If you are interested in buying one of my finely crafted amplifiers, send me a notice via Izam mail addressed to Anzhanto(Atys) in Min-Cho. At this time I am only able to deliver to the Cities of Intuition, Dyron and Pyr.

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Seems you are rapidly discovering some of the finer points of amp crafting anzhato hehe (of which i know nothing about btw)

And how great that you are producing such good amps at such a low lvl xD - that's exactly the kind of gear any newly arrived homin is going to need (and such quality is sadly not always available to them)

Keep up the good work! (and maybe the price down a bit hehe)


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