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Cheatsheet showing mat locations for missions and Rite for:

"Trykers and Lake Materials (note: most ppl don't do this rite. extraction time bonus is not something most harvesters want.)"

*courtesy of Cookies post content from Mainpixels, and BitttyMacod and old forum post from vonzuben (http://forums.ryzom.com/showthread.php?t=34527)

Special thanks to Antollo for helping with beng!
Special thanks to Chilindrina for helping find ramp.
Special thanks to GoldCrest for helping find NPC
Special thanks fo that guy in lakes begging with E (sorry!) for helping!

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the npc for that rite roams, there's another post somewhere showing the other location where i'd found him when i did this rite. (this rite doesn't hurt you if your a kill digger...)



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For the Trial of Oflovak there is a step missing. After you do the Prerequisite missions you need to talk to the barman Lydix Deps and accept the mission. You will then be sent to the Water Breaker Chief.


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