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je trouve normal que les maraudeurs demandent leurs propre canal.
Après, je ne suis pas certain que la manière dont la demande est faite soit la meilleur.
je ne vois meme pas un "s'il vous plait" dans la demande...

par ailleur, pourquoi avoir son propre canal si c'est pour jouer les "amis" de tous? le canal alentour ou l'univers est là pour cela...
La faction maraudeur meurt... oui... je parie que c'est de la faute des devs...

bref... c'est un problème de fond


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Alricccccc. Come and maraud with us :P



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I agree to Binarabi. Such chat is not for secrecies but for community life. The advantage would be that it does not go away during reboot, and might add athmosphere. I would favor such kind of chat for all future organizations like Rangers and Trytonists.

Custom channels should be reserved for special purposes and privacy (password).


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good point that custom channels vanish after a server rest, also still think that the 2 dynamic channel limit is just plain dumb, 2 channels isn't enough for everyone, at least give us 5.


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bump.. please don't forget us.
Bring us back Mara channel or increase the custom channel limit please.. we need it!

[Maybe it will be the best gift to all maras in this Xmas]

#22 [en] 

Think you mara are at bottom of Atymas Gift list ...


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#23 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français
The marauder channel will be created again. This idea is accepted.


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#24 [en] 

When will this be implemented?


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