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*Flexes fingers*

Kami tears soak the ground,
Too wet to fight, what to do?
Campfires dry the ground.




Guild Leader of Syndicate

Syndicate's Page (Shuriiken here)
A glimpse into Virg's life
Thug life

I belong to the warrior in whom the old ways have joined the new
NB: Void respawn is where you can find the PVP, also willing to give lessons :)

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chilled moon and cruel sun
abandoned by all brothers alone
here comes the marauder

refusing all fake gods
eating hate and drinking blood
here comes the marauder

taken oath to fight the evil
governments kami kara kitins
here comes the marauder

death reaper to evil hearts
bringing brothers on freedom path
here comes the marauder

*I thought I could never write 3 lines.. :)*

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#19 Multilingual 

Multilingual | Français
Neeis tombe sur cette vielle annonce...
Sans vraiment savoir pourquoi. Elle accroche ce vieux Poème
le relisant elle sourit en pensant à lui...

Tana Atys meriais.
Nya lumnimae tanieti nye aiyai.
Deles mailya anda, ne valyeis nae decate.
Lye eis nae silam, na mi-mate.


En charge des fonctions de vicomtesse d'Avalae
Valyenae di Karan-valyenind e Aiyae di Lumnimae --o§O§o-- Gardienne du Royaume et Bénie de La Mère
Le nec ne nacharaias ilne! --o§OoO§o-- Tu ne me chassera plus jamais!
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