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After digging over 1.7k mats, I decided to change what craft tree I'm training. So I'm looking to unload the mats now cluttering my apt.
What I have:
- 1778 choice desert fung resin, all q150 - 170.
- 134 moss (which fills the same craft spots)
- 4 choice desert fung resin q142

What I want:
- 1778 - 1916 mats q100 or above that fill the 'armor clip' craft spot.
I don't care whether they're basic/fine/choice/exc/sup. I don't care whether they're looted or dug. I don't care about the stats. *But* if they're choice or better, they *must* be either desert or PR.

Yes, this is a better deal for you, but it saves me a lot of time digging.
I'm willing to trade 1:1 for quantities less than 1.7k/1.9k, as long as it's at least 400 mats at a time. Please be willing to come to Thesos if you're trading more than one bag load.
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