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The following missive is posted on all the public message pillars in the cities of the New Lands.

A brief report of the Ranger Assembly of (30 Sept., 2013)
Presented by Mac'Od Bittty, Ranger Aspirant.

A moderately large gathering of homins sat on the ground within the Ranger encampment when the announced time of the assembly was reached. The air was filled with greetings and idle conversation.

Wilk Potskin arrived and immediately greeted the assembled homins.

Wilk Potskin: As some of you already discovered, there are several kitins attacks impending in various areas. Thus most of Rangers have to get ready for the upcoming battle.

Wilk Potskin: Last reports say that numerous white kitins are using kitins mounds to gather in the New Lands. Those alerts are coming from desert, forest, jungle and lakes.

Bitttymacod noted that the white kitins seem to be non-aggressive, at least for the moment.

Wilk Potskin : Yes, we already saw this behaviour in the past: They do not attack homins as long as they are not enough to completly crush homins.

Wilk then called for those assembled to mark the positions of mounds so that we would have a better idea of white kitin activity.

Daomei noted that there are also numbers of worker kitins, very strong kipees. Then homins reported where they had seen kitin mounds, near Fairhaven and Avendale, near Zora and Min-Cho, south of Dyron and Thesos and also in the northwest of Outlaw Canyon.

Wilk Potskin: As future Ranger trainees, I ask you to make sure those places are as safe as possible and alert nearby refugee who may ignore the danger in the area, please.

Bitttymacod suggested the use of public announcement steles to gather our notes and to warn the populace. Wilk agreed that this might be a good idea and immediately volunteered Bittty to make the maps and collect reports since he had already made maps of termite mound locations and could re-use the maps.

The final assignment was to map the locations of the Mounds together with notation as to the type and number of kitins present. Bittty agreed to the assignment and Daomei and Krill agreed to help with dialect translations. Wilk charged all the others present with helping by reporting location and strength.

Rangini asked about the work on the termite mounds that she volunteered for. No one had contacted her. Wilk apologized for the matter, then announced that while work on the termite mound in Virginia Falls was put off in order to negotiate with the Nobles Assemblies, it can now go forwards. He asked for volunteers to help and gave special fragments to Rangini and Sharleen to work on the mound. Peatpom asked for a fragment but Wilk said that there were enough people for now. More fragments will be available once we are ready to destroy the mounds. (Implied: Next meeting.)

Choncon complained that there are lots of homins who would be Rangers, and said that if tasks were given, people would do them.

Daomei asked about tools to remove termites, but her question was interrupted by the arrival of Melga Folgore, Grand Quartermaster of Rangers. Wilk said that Melga would answer it.

Melga Folgore : Most of you may not know me. So let me present myself first.

My name is Melga Folgore. My work in this camp is to be the Grand Quartermaster. Yes, I know. This title sounds complex and does not make any sense. Most of Fyros are telling me that. So, what do I do around here? I'm the one who manage Ranger relations with others governments and make sure everyone in the camps got enough food and drink.

Oh yes, and weapons too !

I am also in charge of making sure every Ranger can fulfill his duty. That's why Wilk is reporting to me for every meeting taking place here.

Daomei's question came back around. Has the part of the termite program dealing with extraction of termites from their nests been postponed or what?

Melga started by repeating that kitin attacks had been increasing, so Rangers had been needed to counter those and to get more information. That meant there were fewer to take care of any problem that might occur with the termites if they were to be removed from the mounds. Kiwalie of course smiled at the idea of more termites for her cookies.

However, Melga said that the larger problem was dealing with the Nobles Assemblies.

Melga Folgore: The other reason is due to diplomatic issues we had with the Kingdom. Even though the Royal Court agreed to our termites experiment requests, it brought political problems within the nobles assemblies.

Geyos: Problem always come from the nobles assemblies.

Melga Folgore: Rangers role is not to undermine national governments !

Please listen to me, this part IS important ! The support of Governments is one of the keys to Ranger's power. We will only succeed against kitins if we are able to fight against kitins united.

I would like to make sure every one of you understand this well. We will not tolerate any undiplomatic behavior in front of any government assemblies. Is there someone called Daomei around here? (He seemed to have lost track of the fact that he had just been talking with her.)

Daomei: That is me.

Melga Folgore: I heard your name quite a lot of time since we started these Ranger meetings. Wilk told me you were of great help and worked very hard to push our project forward. We will not forget it.

Even if you tried to defend the Rangers point of view, the way you acted during the last nobles assembly has raised some issues. It also brought some confusion between Matis and Rangers point of view for the termites experiment. Our next requests may be way more difficult to pass in the Kingdom.

I'm saying that there may be better way than your very undiplomatic way to settle things down.

Chonchon muttered several comments loudly enough to be heard by everyone. The gist of the comments was: For which reason should ranger trainees report of their acts to the factions? Why should the rangers, neutral faction, have a different behavior with the factions while the factions consider our neutrality as a lack of value?

Daomei: May I comment?

Melga Folgore :Yes, of course.

Daomei: Ok, first, to say that, my critique does not diminish my esteem for filira Salazar whom I know since long time as an outstanding scholar and historian, and usually as an excellent diplomat, though he behaved more like a bee stung bodoc on our last meeting, suspecting and insulting the rangers' leaders, including you. (Daomei is here referring to the previous Rangers Assembly.)

I understood his anger to some extent. but the fault was not with the rangers, but with the Royal bureaucracy - which to my knowledge never has been blamed for excess of competence, efficiency, or speed. They should have assured participation, or at least information of the nobility. They failed, the Rangers were blamed, and at the assembly all that was pushed under the carpet.

That is why I intervened. A matter of self esteem. I may have overdone, and I probably would not consider myself the best choice for diplomatic missions in the kingdom. I am taking the responsibility for my actions and regret negative consequences.

Still, I had neither orders nor instructions. That is all

Melga Folgore : Thanks for your explanations. We will discuss about your rationales with Wilk. But I'm afraid you will already get the worst possible consequences like everyone here. We already have kitins attacks coming and we lose a bit of Matis government support.

Chonchon wonders aloud: Melga Folgore. We are neutral and gnostic, because we refused all factions and religions. But we are free homins. We have been repudiated, or not, by the factions who tolerate us, but they don't want us in their assembly. We are here to create our faction. Not having to report to others factions nor religion. 'Cause they don't report to us. Our first goal is to fight the kitins

Melga Folgore: Before continuing I would like you to agree to alert us first before participating to a matis assembly please. Well, as long as Ranger are concerned, of course.

Daomei: Agreed.

Bitttymacod then asked if support of construction of the Kitin Observation Camps should be regarded as part of the duties of Ranger candidates. Melga said yes, we should, in addition to other things.

Kiwalie asks what we should do in the next few weeks. Melga's answer was that we should help with the testing of potions on the termites in the Virginia Falls termite mound and to watch out for difficulties since it is a new test environment. Also we should locate and evaluate the Kitins Mounds for the maps.

Feylin made a suggestion to have Ranger “ambassadors” to the national assemblies.

Melga replied that volunteers would be needed, but diplomatic ones. He then volunteered Kiwalie to head up a diplomatic neutral commission and try to get it recognized by each government. Such a commission would have Melga's complete support.

It was pointed out that fighting kitins involves sometimes force, sometimes diplomacy to get others to fight as well, and sometimes research.

The meeting was dismissed with the next meeting to be (21 October, 2013).

Zahra (a mararuder) asked after the close of the meeting: If I may, do you intend to include marauders in your fighting force? .... We'll let you have the diplomacy.

Melga said that they were welcome, but others present were a little more cautious about the possibility of Marauders spreading Goo during the fights.


P.S. This was not part of the meeting, but I did note that Marauder Zahra appeared to be attempting to use the Ranger Assembly as a recruiting opportunity or perhaps a venue to flaunt her status in a circumstance where she was unlikely to be attacked. The fact that she volunteered to help hunt kitins does not diminish the disruption that she caused while we were attempting to discuss our business.


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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As soon as they are posted, the following is attached to each of the messages. It is on a perfectly ruled piece of parchment with an embellished glyph in the upper left corner.
|Guild of Scribes.|

Once again Mac'Od Bittty is using non-guilded scribes to do his work rather than pay the perfectly reasonable price for quality work on large projects done by properly certified scribes!

We intend to apply to the Taliari to have him sanctioned for deluding young scribes who ought to be training under master workers that their work is worth anything.

Remember, for quality work that will last for years, use only scribes who proudly display the sigil of the Guild of Scribes!
------- Mac'Keffan Jidgen, Tryker Guildmaster, for the Guild.


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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The messages from the Guild are quickly defaced with moderately elaborate penmanship in bright red.

If Guildmaster Mac'Keffan Jidgen and his toadies would properly assign journeyman scribes to do the work they are capable of, we wouldn't have to take assignments outside the guild in order to feed our families. They rip off the clients, starve the apprentices and journeymen, and line their own pockets.


B'Gordy Casen, Cooperative League of Apprentice and Journeyman Scribes.


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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