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The following missive is posted on all the public message pillars in the cities of the New Lands.

There were only a few of the Ranger Aspirants present in the Ranger Camp in Almati Woods when Wilk Potskin strolled in.

Wilk Potskin: Lordoy !

After a period of comfortable greetings we agreed to wait for a bit for more homins to come in. Some were involved in battles at the time that the meeting started. (Conflict with a scheduled NPC hunt.) As usual, I have translated all language into the dialect of Crystabell with the able assistance of Krill.

Wilk Potskin : Let's start this new Ranger meeting.

Bitttymacod takes out his notebook and cleans his Yber plume.

Wilk Potskin: First of all, kitins attacked Zora and Fairhaven. Those attacks were tough but Homins won against kitins twice. I know you have been fighting kitins and you may be tired.

Kiwalie smiles: That's true.

Wilk Potskin: But, once again, the fight against kitins does not stop once there are no more kitins around cities. That's why Rangers are preparing a trek to Old Lands to search for the root of those kitins attacks. However, I told you last time it was difficult to determine where and why kitins were attacking. So we will need help to scout in Old Lands looking for traces of kitin attacks.

Kiwalie : We're ready. Even if today evening, most of rangers apprentices are asleep.

Wilk Potskin: This expedition will be quite dangerous.

Feylin raise a hand

Wilk Potskin: Do you have a question Feylin ?

Feylin : Which part of the Old Lands are you scouting ? the Kitin Lair here ? Or some other place ?

Wilk Potskin: I'm afraid, nobody ever gave any name to those parts of the Old Lands.

At that announcement, everyone present gave complete and utter attention to Wilk Potskin.

Wilk Potskin: There are some outposts and sometimes villages, but none with official names.

They do not last long in those areas. This kind of expedition requires logistics and takes longer to prepare than a one Ranger scouting, but we could gather a lot of new information.

Bitttymacod :When will this scouting mission set forth? I will need to get my gear ready.

Wilk Potskin: It will not be done in a hurry. Kitins are still nervous and we will use the most time we have to prepare the mission. I can not give you an exact date for the moment.

Bitttymacod nods

Wilk Potskin: But I can ask you to help us with preparation. As I said, those Old Lands have no names, thus there is also no map. We will need experienced cartographers. There are already cartographers amongs Rangers. But the area to map is quite large and we will be divided in groups to cover the most area the fastest.

Wilk Potskinsighed : Then we will need kitins experts since I am sure they will want to come with us ...

Krill wonders if there is a chance to loose Daeronn somewhere in the Old Lands.

Wilk Potskin: But our main goal is to find the root of those kitins if any or to find clues to help us understand why kitins have attacked us in such pattern. Of course, we will need warrior, but wise enough to listen Ranger's order. Those warriors will have the task to scout first and defend their mates.

Diwu : Does this mean experts in the cartographers' occupation?

Wilk Potskin: Yes it does Diwu.

Rangini : Which stage ?

Wilk Potskin: The higher, the better, but we will select not select cartographers based only on their skills. The most important thing is for the mission to succeed, not to have beautiful maps.

Feylin raise a hand

Wilk Potskin: Do you want to ask something Feylin ?

Feylin : Not a question, but a note : I will ask to Zoraï cartographer if they can help. It's the least we can do as a thank for delaying your operations with the termites.

Wilk Potskin: Thanks, if he could send us some skilled cartographers, I'm sure they will really help us.

Wilk Potskin: Then we will need supplies: food and drink. We do not know how much time we will spend in Old Lands. But it may last some months.

There followed some quick conversation about the versatility of Kiwalie's cookies, whether people or mektoubs eat the flowers delivered to the New Horizons transporters, etc.

Wilk Potskin: Be aware, volunteers may not come back during several weeks.

Wilk Potskin: You will not see your friends nor your family. Powers will bring you back, if they can...

Kiwalie : Ohh... Then, I'll have to cook even more cookies!

Feylin sighs : several weeks ?!

Wilk Potskin: The Old Lands we are going to scout are very far away from here.  There will be several meetings before we start this mission. Think about it wisely and prepare yourself. I will ask for volunteers on next meeting.

Bitttymacod makes notes : toothbrush, soap, stinga rum, towel...

Daomei : Do we need materials from the cartographer occupation?

Wilk Potskin: No, we will raw provide amber cubes ready to use.

Wilk Potskin: Any question ?

Rangini stands : Will it be possible to take a mount with us ?

Mjollren : Or packers .. who knows what one can dig there

Wilk Potskin: It will depend on your position in the group, if asked, then yes.

Bitttymacod : Mjollren, it's a *scouting* expedition!


The meeting then took a sudden turn from missions to termites, as Rangini stood.


Rangini : I found an new unused termite hill in Sawdust Mines and want to have the controlling area about this hill for experiments if possible ?

Wilk Potskin: Really ? Good job.

Wilk Potskin: Could you add its position with the others ones please ?

Wilk Potskin: We can not just make experiments as we want on termites mounds in desert or other nations.

Rangini : Will I get the controls for tests ?

Wilk Potskin: We first have to ask their government.

Rangini : Ok.

Wilk Potskin: Speaking of this, the Forest Kingdom has allowed us to start experiments on a termite mound. However, this is the termite mound located in Hidden Source.

Kiwalie : Haa ! Good news!

Daomei : That is good news

Sari burst out : In Davea hat niemand von einer erlaubnis durch das Königreich gehört. Salazar ist dagegen.

My poor skills in the dialect of Windermeer translate that to:In Davea no one has heard of a permit by the Kingdom. Salazar is against it.

Wilk Potskin: Rangini, would you like to start making tests on this termite mound ?

Rangini : Yes

Wilk Potskin: Please also ask other termites expert if you have any question.

Rangini : I don't need to ask them anything. I helped them a lot; only you didn't know about that. Most of the tests I did together with Geyos.

Wilk Potskin: Sari; Rangers dealt with Karan court directly.

Myah whispers: Tests with Geyos. These poor termites have probably seen pink mektoubs *laughs softly*

Wilk Potskin: I need a volunteer to help Rangini.

Sharleen : Me! I will help Rangini.

Wilk Potskin: Very well, I will explain and give you what you need a bit later.

Wilk Potskin: I was told Zorroargh gave a seminar here in Almati Woods. It sounded interesting, but sadly i could not attend it.

Bitttymacod raises hand

Wilk Potskin: Yes Bitttymacod, another question ?

Bitttymacod : No, a statement: A transcript of that session in the dialect of Crystabell (EN) has been distributed for those who would like to read it. (OOC: It's in the English forums)


At this point the Matis Noble Salazar ran in, his face distorted with great emotion. Yet, such is the civilization of the Matis that he raised his hand for recognition, even if it did shake a bit.


Wilk Potskin: Salazar ?

Salazar : Since you are talking about termites, indeed ... *surpressed anger* I just heard that you gave permission to go on experimenting in Hidden Source? I also heard that you, in turn, received permission from the Royal Court?

Wilk Potskin: Yes. I am not fond of diplomacy myself, so I do not have any details. But to give you a short answer: yes. However, it took quite a long time to get it.

Salazar : I can say that there was no consultation of the Chamber of Nobles, and just a few minutes ago Libi Freldo, herald to the Court, confirmed to me that it is highly doubtful the Karan would have agreed without consultation.

So I would like to see the papers giving you the rights to go on with this.

Wilk Potskin: Of course, you can ask Melga Folgore, he negotiated this affair directly.

Salazar : I'm afraid without written confirmation signed by the Karan we can't allow this without going through the Chamber of Nobles, and then to the Court.

Salazar 's eyes glow greenly.

Rangini said with some evident irritation : What papers had the Kitins?

Salazar moves his head around very slowly and looks to Rangini.

Bitttymacod chuckles.

Wilk Potskin: Please, ask Melga Folgore about it. I am not the one working on this point.

Salazar : Homin, if the Rangers just do as they think it fitting, we would indeed have no more politics on Atys.

Rangini raise hands for something about the kitin way

Wilk Potskin: Yes Rangini ?

Rangini : As far i remember then the kitins started in Matis with first little attacks, then went Fyros, and a big rest of them still attacks Matis again then they went to Zorai and last to Tryker.

That looks to me like they go counterclockwise around the world

Rangini : -> i expect they will go Nexus last. There was early big attack in nexus already.

Zhoi grumbles : I hope they will eat all the Marauders first

Wilk Potskin: Maybe we could investigate about it. Could you find a way to gather more info about this? Perhaps by asking homins present on every attack and searching for where they were coming from?

Rangini : I will try to find more infos, yes.

Wilk Potskin: Still about termites. Kiwalie, Daomei, did you manage to achieve a stable cycle on your termites mounds ?

Kiwalie : Zorro has managed it, yes

Kiwalie looks to Daomei

Daomei : Yes I did. So far I chose a more conservative number to keep it stable under all circumstances.

Wilk Potskin: Very good.

Wilk Potskin: So I can ask Daeronn and Keale and we will start using termites on Kitins mounds. Kiwalie, Daomei; please inform Zorroargh and Geyos about it.

Daomei : ok

Wilk Potskin: I will meet you in some days to tell you that you can start taking off termites

Kiwalie : Of course

Wilk Potskin: Thanks to you all. We are done this this meeting now.

Salazar : Well. Just make sure that there is no experimenting in Verdant Heights until I have talked to Melga Folgore.

Salazar bows respectfully.

Salazar : Deles Necat.

Salazar strode off immediately in the direction of the Karavan altar.

Wilk Potskin: The next meeting will take place in some weeks (30 September, 2013)

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Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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The following is attached to each of the messages. It is on a perfectly ruled piece of parchment with an embellished glyph in the upper left corner.


|Guild of Scribes.|


Be it known that Mac'Od Bittty is using cut-rate, non-guilded, scribes to do his work rather than pay the going price for quality work on large projects done by properly certified scribes! 

It is even rumored that he does some of his own scribal work himself! Having looked at the sloppy penmanship of the above, I can almost believe it.

Remember, for quality work that will last for years, use only scribes who proudly display the sigil of the Guild of Scribes!

------- Mac'Keffan Jidgen, Tryker Guildmaster, for the Guild.



Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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