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Kamia'ata miko-ito,

I am pleased to invite initiates, N'ASAresearchers and generaly speaking curious peoples from anywhere to attend to a presentation of a study of the little fauna from the Jungle during next autumn, depart from Min-Cho : rendez-vous at the bar.

The presentation will be done using the dialect of Jen-Laï the Frutor 3rd, 4th AC of the year 2574. *
Another one using the dialect of Min-Cho will follow the Frutor 7th, 4th AC of the year 2574. **
Peoples who cannot understand any of these languages are free to come along with their own translators. Be punctual.

The topic will be the discovery of all in which the jungle abounds as creatures often neglected, through direct, indirect observations, or through traditional stories. This was my subject of novitiate in Wa' Kwaï, and will constitute besides an introduction in a behavioral zoologic study to come within the activity of the N'ASA.

Hoping to see many of you, may the Kamis smile upon you

Fey-Lin Liang.

* saturday 17h00 UTC (or GMT), language FR
** saturday 22h00 UTC (or GMT), language EN (at least) this date and time are chosen to allow attending from players in america.


Fey-Lin Liang
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