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During the session of the Akenak at (ooc: Friday, 21h CET) celiakos Dios Apotheps was asked by several homins, whether the acquisition of raw materials, and the construction of weapons for the Kitin defense forces were a task left only to Fyros Patriots or rather one open to all inhabitants of the Empire. Celiakos Dios Apotheps confirmed that everybody were welcome and required to contribute in the efforts of defense against the Kitin threat.

Akenak Icus is now misrespecting this unambiguous statement of the Senate. He has published informations about material and weaponry collection in the communication channels only open to Fyros Patriots (so far only in the dialects of Thesos and Pyr city). Asked by a Fyros (non patriot) he explained that Fyros may contribute but nobody else.

This attitude is a breach of discipline and an outrage against loyal inhabitants of the Empire willing to contribute to the joint defense efforts of the Empire and the Theocracy. It appears like treason and sabotage under the disguise of ultra-nationalism.

As this is not the first time that the aforementioned Fyros is damaging the interests and the standing of the Empire pretending to act as an overzealous nationalist, I hereby make officially report to the Guild of the Burning Faces to inquire into charges of treason, high treason, and sabotage against the suspect.

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Daomei points at an official announcement about the Kitin defense and grins at her sister

"I told you, you are jumping on conclusions bit fast. Though, the official announcement seems to have been .. forgotten until your complaint."

"Well, better late than never. Anyway, my suspicion is not completely gone."

"I hold that narrow-mindedness may easily look like malice. But for now, let us go on digging. The Kitins do not care for our quarrels."


Daomei die Streunerin - religionsneutral, zivilisationsneutral, gildenneutral

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[OOC : sorry, I finish my translation just after precision of Daomei... But I think strange rumors of complaint by Diwu is already disseminated in Pyr ;) ]

Anyume heard the rumor while sipping a drink (fruit juice) among Lydix.
-What, Icus, traitor?
She laughed.
-Yes, without a doubt sold to Matis .. or kitins!

She trusted the Legionnaire can defend himself. Icus had many flaws : she thought he was drinking too much, as all Fyros. He was often rude, impertinent, pugnacious. He never said a kind word in public : the best to could hope was moderate insults. And he was probably the most intolerant of all Legionnaires, who were already a great bunch of fanatical patriots.

All Fyros Legionaries looked like thugs. When we stopped at the surface of things.

But, in the desert, everyone knew their sacrifice on behalf of the Empire. At end of the swarm, Icus took the head of the Legion and lead homins of goodwill in the fight against kitins. He may be insulted Matis who dared to fight with him, but he left them instead. In fact, he had killed no Matis who wanted to help the empire.

And although he does not do advertising, she had seen many times he helped refugees of all races, and also assist the rangers who asked his help. Desert in first, yes, but he's too good homin. She even had benefited from his generosity with grumbles, once or twice, whereas she was sure Shaakya Eeri and had spoken of her dubious origins (and frequentation).

She had no great sympathy for Icus, no, it was too gross for her to be savored. But to accuse him of treachery? It was really the last thing you could imagine to blame him. She had read the signs posted by akenak: Is the case against him, to invite all homins to help arm the guards?

Or it was because he invited homins and not homines ... It was certainly a blatant discrimination against women value!

She laughed again. Really absurd. Homins needed to fight among themselves, even in the same country, while kitins were at the gates of cities ...
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