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1. Second action menu. The game allows a second action menu, although it's turned off by default. To turn it on, select "System..." from the Windows tab of the "Windows/Actions" window, then select "Windows" (a button on a new menu, not the tab from the window you were just in -- Ryzom is very efficient with terminology: most terms are used to describe several different things), and under the "Actions & Inventory" section in the window that then opens, check the box next to "Action #2." This will give you a second action menu -- vertical, this time, and that does not seem to be changeable. You can scroll through your ten action palettes (the same ones as in the original menu, and you can only edit them in the original menu) to choose what you want to have appear in this second action menu. I've filled it with generally useful actions -- the "save your butt" collection of Speeding Up, Invulnerability, Melee/Magic/(Range) Protection, and Self Heal Life, along with some heals and restorations, auras, item enchantment, and basic attack. If you've played around with keyboard shortcuts, the actions on the second menu can be accessed with the "Run Shortcut #2" series of commands.

2. (Speaking of which ...) Keyboard shortcuts. These open by default with the "k" key, but you can also open them from the "Windows/Actions" window, through "System..." under the "Windows" tab. All sorts of actions and window-openings can be assigned keys; many have default settings.

3. Macros. Again through "Windows/Actions" - "Windows" - "System," you can open up the macros menu. Mainly this is useful for setting up shortcuts to fixed series of actions; there is essentially no branching and there are no direct conditional statements. I've set up a macro to start digging after prospecting, mainly for the purpose of automatically restoring whatever focus I used in my prospect, which I tend to forget when left to my own devices. The macro menu also allows the "/target" command to be used, and this is helpful for tracking downed named/boss mobs (you can create a macro that goes through a whole list of names to target ...) or for other searches that have to be repeated frequently.

Hope that's helpful to some of you, and I'd be very interested to hear of any similar tips.


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1. YES! Someone else using this!

No, seriously, I hated having all my action bars cluttered with self-heals and auras. Now everything is cool on one single bar.

2. First keyboard mapping I always change on any toon, and I recommend you do too: F1-F8 set to select team members, instead of the cumbersome Ctrl+F keys.

There are also a lot more things to change, so .. yea. Highly recommend to check out the bindings.

3. Macros to dig, macros to careplan, macros to find bosses and nameds, macros to assist heal or assist your tank ... as Chi says, it opens up a world of possibilities. You can make a macro that covers all use cases, regardless of whether you're using the Knowledge stanza or not, or which one.


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*bump because still useful*

To add some useful keyboard shortcuts (thanks to the players to taught me these!):

* You have 4 interface desktops that can each have a completely different interface layout. Check or change the keybindings for "Switch to Desktop 0" (or 1/2/3) in the keybindings window under the Windows Keys heading.

* Want a pretty screenshot without the interface in the way? Or just want to get lost in the world of Atys for a bit without all those indicators and names floating around? See "Show/Hide the Interface" under the View Keys heading.

* Frustrated when trying to take a selfie? Want to look at your character's face at eye level instead of some weird not-quite-head-on angle? See "Move Camera Up" and "Move Camera Down" under the View Keys heading.
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