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For me the rubberbanding went down to once a week. This is at a point where I'm no longer confused nor irritated by the behaviour. The question is: Did anyone one the dev/admin side change something or is this just a function depending on internet connection and server load and both have improved?

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still get it alot, new and improved server is imho not so new and improved, seams to have more issues then the previous "old and less up to date" server did, since now we can set a clock by the pw's everyone get's every hour on the hour, or the rubberbanding effect i never saw in the past, not to mention some of the other things i've been tracking and watching to collect evidance of. (skills going back down a level or two when a crash happenes mid grind, tp stacks loosing unused tp's, loosing skill points that were not used, ect, lot's of things i see now that i never saw before the newest server.)

bottom line, bigger and newer isn't always better. older and more well known is good to have less new bugs since they've all been worked out already, thus it's already had a good "burn in" time.


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