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Yesterday everything was fine, but today I can hardly play for more than 10 seconds without the "Please Wait" box appearing in the middle of my screen and freezing the game until I close and restart. Nothing is different on my side from yesterday when it was working perfectly.

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I do not have any issues at the moment, but I do not know the situation 6hrs earlier. If "pw" occurs, there are always 2 major possibilities: Either it is with the server or not. If it is with the server, you may notice that mobs are stopped as you are, and, when asking in Uni chat, players from elswhere will confirm to suffer from the same problem.
Else, it can be anything from issues with your box, your internet connection, your provider, or the route between you and the game servers.
Have fun anyway.


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Deleted by Tiximei (6 years ago) | Reason: Deleted due to helpfulness is zero and is counterproductive to the purpose of the support section

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I had this last night.  It seemed like the upload from the client was not being registered (received?) by the host.  I was attempting to run and I would keep getting reset at a position I had been in before.  I've never had it do that to me before.

It might have been transatlantic communication.  Other Americans were seeing it, but I saw no general outcry in Uni.


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Surprisingly ever since my previous comment was deleted, I have not experienced any incidents of "PW"


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