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Bittty seems to be in vacancy, so the duty remains with me
Ranger meeting 22.7. 21h Almati Forest

Date: 1h - Tria Frutor 9, 1st AC 2574

Meeting of 22 July 2013

[Ooc: Source is mine and Diwu's records, and Kiwalie's minutes of the meeting ]

Wilk: Can we start?

Krill is close to the barrel and enjoys not having to work for the alcohol.
Ingfarah Merci :-)

Wilk: Let's start. Welcome to the Ranger Camp at Almat forest. I'm afraid this will be a short meeting. I got a few hours before an order and need to prepare.

First point: Sick (goo-infected) Ranger. They seem to have calmed down since our last meeting. Maybe they were surprised at how many homins they encountered who defended our camp.

Daomei: Have they been sighted in Lakelands?

Kiwalie: We have extensively searched, but found none.

Wilk: So far I have not received any news on this topic. Has anyone of you spot goo-infected rangers in Lakeland or other places of Atys?

Nerwane shakes her head.

Sovyc: In Search of the infected rangers I got my pockets filled with goo. What should we do with it?

Wilk: It's not a good idea to keep goo close to the body.

Kiwalie: Burn it!

Anyume: In Witherings lands disposing of, on a goo-field?

Kiwalie tried to stay calm, but sorry she thinks it's best to make a fire and throw in it.

Wilk: Yes, as far as I know is the best. So, any news about the corrupt Rangers. I do not know if that's a good or a bad thing. We sent some Rangers to discuss with them.

Mjollren: I do not think homins should search all the planet to find the Rangers, they do not cause any problems at the moment.

Wilk: We sent Rangers chat with them, but they attacked them on sight.

Salazar: Is that good or the bad part of the story?

Wilk: The good thing is: as long as they remain in the mines, their health does not deteriorate. And that gives Sian Tao more time to work on a cure. The bad part of the message is that they can also endanger our situation When they become active, they can stir up the Kitin lair. This could lead to a new swarming.

Mjollren: The "could" lead to a new crush? There was a brief invasion of Pyr.

Wilk: Exactly, that was short.

Feylin: Yes, I was getting it. that we should avoid violent confrontations with the corrupt rangers instead, learn to control them and to neutralize, to preserve safety.

Daomei: Wilk, we should come to a closing of this thread and say something about the attack Pyr and possible correlations with the termites ... or not.

Wilk: Such invasions may be longer.

Lerya: I agree to Daomei. As Akenak of Pyr I am concerned about the recent invasion.

Salazar: Well, a Kitin general. They had a good bite, but Pyr has seen worse ... for those who remember.

Shaakya: kitins were also seen in Zora

Wilk: Let me answer, please.

Daomei: I wrote a report on Wilk and Melga referring to this attack.

Wilk: Yes, we have received it. That's why I have to meet this urgent task. Kitins seem to have become very nervous in many parts of Atys. Not only in the new countries but also in the Old Lands. It is unlikely that there is a connection between the attacks of termites and kitins.

Daomei: Wilk, if I were a Kitin commander and the tunnels would be at risk, I would also be nervous. They worked 12 Atys years to make this system work.

Wilk: Until now it is very quiet in the Kitin lair here. And we have not even begun to use the termite mounds against the kitins. I really do not think the two events are linked.

Daomei: We have now seen that our six-legged friends are not fully asleep. I can not count those I have killed since the age of 15 years. If new ones will arrive, I'm ready.

Wilk: At the moment the rangers on patrol report of increased nervousness of kitins.

Daomei: Should we continue to experiment with the termite nests or adjust the activity until new instructions?

Wilk: There may be new Kitin Invasions in the near future. We will continue experiments with termites.

Lerya: Are there other possible explanations for the nervousness of kitins? Any ideas?

Wilk: If we let kitin attacks stop us with what we are doing, we will always be on the run. This is not like the Rangers are acting. When we take on a task, we bring it to an end. If kitins attack, we kill them. For me, that's fine so ..

Kiwalie and Ferishan agree to Wilk
Zorroargh thinks Sap homin is too precious

Wilk: Part of my job is to look for clues as to why the kitins are nervous. I will report when I get back.

[.. Discussion on how to calm kitins, other than the approved method to kill them ..]

Wilk: That's the best way I know. We are still talking with Matis and Zoraïs. This is more difficult than we first thought. Some of you go to their meetings to explain our work?

[Zorroargh wants to explore the deep Kitin lair in Almati forest. Motivations of kitins are discussed. Anesia mentions that when a new queen arises, kitins might be nervous .. ]

Daomei: I think we should wait for Wilks results and conclusions. Shouldn't we go on with the issue of termites?

Wilk: I agree to launch an expedition Zorroargh, but only if you are fully recognized as a ranger. Until then, each entry of homins is prohibited in the depths of the lair. Remember what was last time with Daerron. Compared to the deep lair the mines are really safe. Please let us return to the issue of termites.

Daomei, Kiwalie, Zorroargh what you can about the termite nests near Pyr and Fairhaven report?

Daomei: Wilk. As we previously reported Geyos and me tended and grew termites twice up to a maximum of about 250 eggs and termites with enough food. After that the termites had disappeared, with the exception of 10 eggs and as many termites. And a little food.
This was repeated one more time then. The attack on Pyr has caused me to stop breeding until getting new instructions. I only brought the population to a stable level of about 60/40/60 (eggs / termites / food).

Wilk: Yes, I have received the report, and I asked Daerronn and Keale about it.
They have a hypothesis: they think that termites have a natural enemy we do not know.

Daomei: That's all from my side. I would like to comment on an alternative plan of Zoraï and Matis, if we have the time.

Wilk: Thanks Daomei. Le next? Kiwalie? Zorroargh?

Kiwalie: Zorro DECLARE his method ....

Zorroargh: In terms of the termites in FH, I am in the greatest confusion

Osquallo: A natural enemy? Goari maybe?

Zorroargh: I had a stable cycle research (in Almatiwald), which reached almost 400 termites. FH in the number of termites remained extremely stable (and low). The potions do not respond as usual.
[Kiwalie and Zorroargh suspect that the moisture in the Lake District is a problem]

Wilk: Thanks Kiwalie and Zorroargh.
[Wilk proposes to continue with the experiments and to question Ardann Kaele and Daeronn Cegrips]

Daomei: Ok, I can kill the predator if I found him

Wilk smiled at Daomei: if the spread of termites triggers a Kitin invasion, you will experience it first

Daomei: Sure I will, but I would not like to summon a Kitin swarming upon my hometown Pyr, we should know as much in advance as possible.

Wilk: I think we can talk about that, Daomei, what you wanted to say later. Do you have information about meetings, and Matis Zoraïs?

I have no new information about meetings. But I have informations about a plan of Zorai awakend and initiates, together with the tribes of the Ancient Dryads and the Siblings of the Plants.

Daomei's opinion about the plants' experiments

Wilk: Thanks for the information about your concerns. We will keep an eye on it, but even without the environmental problems our experts doubt that these measures will be really effective.

[Zorroargh asks for the purpose of breeding of termites, stability or large number]

Wilk: The goal is not to keep the population as high as possible. We must remove termites, to expose them to the Kitin mounds. It is difficult then to maintain the balance in the termite nest.

Geyos: It's hard to find a new equilibrium point approximately 100 termites, but it is very simple if one takes equal amounts of food and eggs, the nest then remains stable. A balance is so easy to find.

Wilk: It is likely that if you removed a large number of termites that stability is disturbed and eggs and food are destroyed, at least this is what I was told.

Geyos: This is another problem.

Daomei: I've never taken termites - I trust there on Patriot Geyos.

[Geyos asks about Daeronn, who had promised a story. Wilk says he's not available, but an Izam message one would send him would most probably be received]

Wilk says goodbye to prepare for his mission.

Next meeting 23h - Prima Harvestor 19, 3 AZ 2574, according to Wilks return of the mission.
Monday, August 26 21:00:00 UTC in the Ranger camp in Almatiwald.

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From Mc'Od Bittty to nair-homina Daomei die Streunerin:

While I am constrained to continue my journies in far distant lands I thank you for your report of the meeting with Wilk Potskin and for your comments on the utility of the use of plants compared to that of the termites in closing the Kitins' tunnels. It was forwarded to me by fast Izam.  If only it were possible for me to assist in a comparison of the methods, but the land where I am is weak and I have no access to civilized techniques nor to my libraries.

I hope soon to complete my business here  and to journey home.



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