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I'm not super computer savy, so this could just be a simple solution that I am not seeing (hopefully), but any help on the matter would be fantastic! I'm running Ryzom 2.0 out of the App store, on a 3 year old Mac Book pro, which is running IOS 10.6.8. As far as I know I have all the specs to run Ryzom without much issue (again, not super computer savy).

The issue. Ryzom will randomly freeze my whole computer. There isn't a set time, or specific action that seems to cause it. At times it will be 5-10 seconds after I log in to my character, other times it will let me play an hour, or two before it happens. I've had the Application itself freeze once, I was able to minimize it, force quit it, restart the application and continued playing for some time without any issues. Which is what is leading me to believe it is more of a computer related issue. I read up on the Mac issues here previously, I've already turned off the micro-veggitation, and also turned off shadows. This seemed to help, but I am still getting frequent crashes. Does anyone know of anything I could possibly try? Or does it sound like I just need to get myself a more updated PC/Laptop? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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had that once on one of my PCs due to a defect graphics card.
Took me a while and even a mainboard change to find out
about the reason.


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Turning off the sound has helped with some issues.


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I'm pretty sure that it is the graphics card, turning off the sound has seemed to help a great amount (Thank you Rollocks!!). I am leaning towards graphics card because anytime I get near water, BOOM! There goes my computer. I remember seeing somewhere that you can turn off the rolling effect of water? I've been trying to find that post with no luck. Anyone know how?

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If it is a memory issue the first thing most people do is turn off Microvegetation in the Game Configuration ('U') / Graphics / Landscape


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DisableVtxProgram = 1; // Disable Hardware Vertex Program.
DisableVtxAGP = 1; // Disable Hardware Vertex AGP.
DisableTextureShdr = 1; // Disable Hardware Texture Shader.

those are the rendering options i know. Try these, one at a time. They will impact performance and/or visual quality, so don't use them unless they fix your crashes. I guess the last one could be involved in making water look nice.


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