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Transcribed by Bitttymacod from notes taken by Meggy (thank you!).

Any errors in transcription and interpretation are mine.


The meeting waited for Wilk Potskin who arrived bearing bad news; the Corrupted Rangers who had been discovered in the Kitin Lair were getting better, but only physically. Their minds were still affected by the Goo. Furthermore, some scouts had found some of them in the lands of Aeden Aqueous – they had escaped from the Kitin Lair. (probably using the connection tube to Darkmoor that many of us had discovered).


He said that it was unlikely that they were in other lands, but that they were probably hiding in some location in the Lakes and should be approached with caution and in sufficient number to subdue them. Since they are Rangers, even though corrupted, they will be skilled at hiding and surviving. He also asked that if they are discovered that he be notified by the fastest methods.


In addition, communications between the Rangers in Almati and the ones in Kitin Lair have degraded.


Feylin asked why the Goo-corrupted Rangers had not been evacuated from Kitin Lair earlier.


Wilk replied that Tao Sian had recommended keeping them inside while she worked on the matter, since until a more complete cure could be found they would die from exposure.


Feylin observed that in their camp they were continually exposed to the Goo from the Goo fountain in that location. Wilk, somewhat testily observed that Tao Sian was the Goo expert, not he, and that if Feylin wanted to argue treatments, she should talk with Tao Sian. Feylin was not happy with the situation.


Some others present wondered what should be done with the corrupted Rangers, but it was all idle talk. Some thought that using soap would reduce the contamination, some that they should be quarantined, others only that something should be done that would keep them alive while keeping the contamination contained.


Wilk pressed on to discussion of the termite mounds experiments. He first got reports from the leaders of the teams who had experimented with the test mounds in Almati.


Daomei reported that stable and high populations of termites can be attained with careful manipulation using the potions, but that there is a limit to the population. He also reported that permission had been requested from the Trykers, Matis and Fyros to expand the experimentation.


Kiwa Lie reported that it appears that if the mound actually gets full, almost all the termites disappear. Suspicion immediately fell upon her, due to her well knowns habit of snacking on them. She protested that it was not her and that she was devastated by the accusation. She had been planning to harvest them after they were used to destroy the Kitin Mounds, but if they keep disappearing she won't have any for her cookies!


As she sat down after finishing her report, the peaceful gathering of homins was disrupted by an ambush by corrupted Rangers, coming up out of the Kitin Lair! After a moments confusion, however, those homins who had brought them donned their amplifiers and drew forth their weapons. Some had nothing but their native abilities; who brings weapons to an informative meeting?


Shortly there were corrupted Rangers on the ground and all those gathered for the meeting were healed. Passionate discussion ensued on the matter with Anyume insisting that they should be locked up, others suggesting that jail was not appropriate, Feylin saying that they needed to be rescued and led to hospitals or some place where they would be safe and homins safe from them. Mjollren had an extreme opinion, that slaying them was a virtue because there is no known cure for Goo infection; that death reduced their suffering. This was exceeded by the opinion of Gragon, who felt that they should be hunted down as bandits and other enemies of the Nations. The other assembled homins rejected that option.


Wilk pointed out that the Rangers really only had one camp, the one in Almati and that there was no place for more buildings. He pointed out that all of them were Rangers and felt the pain of their suffering comrades and would do their best to take care of them. He once again noted that he was not a Goo expert and that anyone who had suggestions or comments might make them known to Tao Sian. There was some further discussion of research that is being done now and has been done in the past and of the recent abduction and partial poisoning of Xiaomei and of her cure. (S.O.S - Theocracy)


Wilk finally got the meeting back under “control” and called for Geyos, but that worthy homin was not present, so Zorroargh was asked to report. He reported on his studies on the risks of losing control of the termite mounds during potion manipulation.


He skipped some details but reported that he had discovered cycles of stability that he called “chaotic”. He was not clear how stability could be chaotic, but he pointed out that the mound becomes too small when there are about 400 termites in it, and that termite Daeronnus does not seem to leave the nest to form new colonies. He called them “too lazy or too shy” and postulated that Kiwa Lie on a baking spree might be the best way to get rid of a termite mound. (Some side comments ensued about the quality of Kiwa Lie's baking.) His conclusion was that they were no danger to Atys.


Wilk, however, pointed out that termite Daeronnus had been forced to stay in the mounds by the special glowing barriers that the Rangers had set up, and that a new round of experiments was needed. The Tryker and Fyros nations have given permission to run a limited larger scale experiment on one mound in each country, the mounds nearest Fairhaven and Pyr. The purpose of the experiments will be to determine if the termites react the same way in the wild as they did in Almati Woods. Daeronn, Ardan, Daomei, Kiwalie, Zorroargh and “some other Rangers” were given the rights to work on the mounds.


Then Wilk bestowed the title of Termite Expert Ranger on the Team Leaders for the initial experiments.


There were some questions about what might happen if the termites did escape, but Wilk pointed out that the people at the meeting had showed themselves capable of defense and that there was the killing potion as well, which wasn't used in the original experiments, but remained as a resort.


The meeting then broke up amidst more talk and the broaching of a cask of shooki liquor.


The next meeting is set for (22 July 2013)



Remembering Tyneetryk
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It seems that some "contaminated" rangers have had enough sense to put distance between themselves and the contamination. Good, healthy swimming around in the Lakes seems an excellent cure. If it is incurable, at least they should be given the opportunity to live in dignity instead of being held captive underground to be used as subjects for more "experiments". I can only say that in my opinion Wilk and his cronies have not handled this at all well so far and I am rapidly losing any faith I had left in the present ranger leadership.
I will certainly not engage in combat with these brave injured rangers nor support any offensive action taken against them. I am concerned that Wilk refuses to listen to any alternative suggestions and merely states that his people are the experts and no one else is entitled to question their actions.

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