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Spiritual exchange between Sorrow and his disciple

Wan Fai-Du's behavior mirrored Sage Sorrow's: Sitting cross-legged, still, his mind wide open to his surroundings, in order to feel each deep vibration of Atys.

The two figures of the Theocracy had been sitting on one of the many isolated high grounds of the Witherings, far from the bustle of Zora, in order to perceive the whole of the Kami's wisdom without interference.

Breaking the silence, the Sage calmly questioned his disciple:

"Wan Fai-Du, do you know the difference between threats like the Goo or the Kitins, and the rest of Atys' inhabitants?"

The disciple had paused before giving his answer:

"Sage Sorrow, the Goo and the Kitins seek only the annihilation of all living species, while the rest of the fauna and flora lives in balance, under the kindly attention of the Kamis, who watch over this equilibrium."

The Sage Sorrow had nodded his mask in agreement.

"This is true, but incomplete. Like the torrent which sometimes flows in a peaceful course when the ground is free of obstacles, and sometimes changes into a noisy waterfall when the ground becomes more uneven, the life that the Kamis protect follows regular cycles, over the course of the seasons.

In winter, the Sap moves away from the tougher weather and takes a break in order to revitalise itself, before spinging from everywhere again in summer, in a welter of sounds and colors.

This is an elemental difference with the Goo and the Kitins, who never stop for a truce, and consitute a constant threat."

The disciple then contemplated the words of his Master for a while and formulated an addition to the accurate observation of Sage Sorrow:

"The road to Kamihood is long and full of trials. But, as the Homin who will one day reach Enlightenment, I am convinced that these threats will one day reach their end."

The priests who were now sharing their evening meal with Sorrow were taken aback. The others' talks had gradually fallen silent, and Sorrow's tale of his outing had gotten the attention of the whole table.

"Wan Fai-Du really proves himself worthy of his teaching!" whistled one of the attending Zoraïs.

The Sage Sorrow couldn't help showing his satisfaction, wordlessly. His disciple was really learning at a commendable pace, and the keenness of his mind and of his observations were being constantly refined. So, he was sure that his disciple would one day deeply mark the Theocracy.

Confidences of a Bonze to some Kami Disciples, Prima, Pluvia 13, 2nd AC 2572

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