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I'm talking about the integrated translation function which works a lot better with this forum than google translator itself (yes it is powered by... but the line breaks remain with the integrated function).

However i'm missing an option to set my desired target language for this feature. I would like this, because google translator is very bad on some translations (mostly french, spanish, russian to german from my point of view).

It seems to translate everything to english and than back to target language (which is a google problem). This double translation creates funny results but they are not easily understandable unless there are 4 or less words in a sentence.

I would be cool to allow us to select the target language so that everyone who can understand english on their own can use single translation - even if the general user language is another.

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I'm a little confused. Are you asking for a [Translate to XX] button in addition to the [Translate] button for the cases where you are reading a Forum that is not in your native language? ("You" being generic for anyone.)

Or are you asking for a [Translate to XX] button in the Reply composition box?


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There are links on top of each forum page and on the top right of every post. They are invoking the google translation service to translate the content into some language.

Today the forum chooses the language it wants to translate everything to.

I want to choose the language that the forum translates it to.

I don't care if my choice will be in the options menu or on every page.


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Casy, I haven't tried this, it's just an idea: For me the translator translates everything into english. This is interesting because I'm a german player and have Ryzom set to german. But my computer's locale setting is to english. So I'm wondering if the translation engine uses as destination whatever you've set your current locale to.

It might be worthwhile to check if you can start your external webbrowser in a different locale. On linux what I do for these cases, I've got an alternative user profile setup with a german locale. But one could also fire up a terminal window, change some environment variables, and then type "firefox" or so to start the webbrowser.

I've no idea how simple or complicated this would be on windows. On win7 or win8 I'd probably also setup a second user to test.

I'm happy with the fr->en translation, because - as you mentioned - the double translation fr->en->de is no good. I suppose the mistakes you'd make in en->de are way less than those of Google. So this locale setting may be a workaround for you right now - if it works.

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This idea will be studied.


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