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Bonjour, Good Morning, etc..
I'm sorry my english is very bad, my spanish is forgotten a long time ago.. and I never learn Deutch and cyrillique..
I will try to explain my whish in english and in french.. this way perhaps I will help a little seed to grow up.

Six month ago we have meeting foreingns players and I 'am surprised because I haven't found a international forum..
We can whrite for french, or for english, etc.. but if an english player, who know enough french to read us, want to answer in his own languages on the french forum it's quite forbidden.

I would like to have un little forum where each one can try to speak with the others in his own language.
I prefere read and try to translate a foreign message and meet the others players this way.. And I'm sure that we can found a few players which can translate or explain when it's absolutely necessary.

The International Forum can be the good place to harmonise de differences between the differents storys role play and the differents "Lore".

The firts topic would be a lexique of the different words of game play, because for the moment to learn this vocabulary I need to change my interface.. change the language of game play in game..
very hard for me.. but necessary for this moment to understand a few question like "where-do-you-find-****?"

I'm sure that a few amazing events can birth in a international forum.. what do you think about that?

The same in french, because it will be easier for many of you to understand me in french lol
La même en français parce qu'il sera plus facile pour nombre d'entre vous de me comprendre en français mdr

Bonjour à tous et dans toutes les langues.
Je suis désolé mon anglais est très mauvais, j'ai oublié mon espagnol il y a longtems et je n'ai jamais appris l'allemand ni les langues cyrilliques..
Je vais essayer de faire comprendre mon désir de cette manière peut-être pourrais-je aider une petite graine à germer.

Il y a six mois a eu lieu la rencontre entre les différentes communautés linguistiques et je suis étonné de ne pas trouver un forum international.
Nous pouvons écrire chez les français, ou bien chez les anglais, mais si comme moi un joueur comprend un peu ce qui est écrit dans une autre langue il lui est presqu'interdit d'utiliser la sienne propre pour répondre.

J'aurais souhaiter un petit forum international, où chacun aurait le droit de s'exprimer dans sa propre langue.
Je préfère tenter de lire ou de traduire un message si cela me permet de rencontrer et d'échanger avec les autres communautés, et je suis sûr qu'il se trouverait des joueurs pour aider à la compréhension lorsque ce serait vraiment nécessaire.

Ce forum International serait un bon endroit pour harmoniser les différences historiques des Lores par exemple pour un rp plus général.
Le premimer topic pourrait être aussi un lexique des termes du jeu, car pour l'instant le seul moyen pour moi de comprendre certaines questions du genre : "where do you found ....?"
et bien c'est de faire passer mon interface dans une autre langue.. un peu lourd tout de même^^

Je crois qu'un forum international pourrait faire naitre des projets et des events inattendus, qu'en pensez-vous?


Merci à tout ceux qui pourront relayer et traduire ce message dans les différentes communautés, anglaise espagnoles, portugaises, russes, allemandes ou thibétaines lol
Thanks for every body can speak about this message and translate in the différents communyties, english, spanish... and all like thibetaines also lol

Forgive me for my awfully bad english wrthing :(

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I have to say I very much agree with this idea - we are no longer seperate servers, so the roleplay forum should be merged for all -- we can all try to translate our posts with google translate, or people can translate for others.

We had an incident in roleplay forums where a response was offered in french forums only, and no one was aware of this response, and concluded that no one had dealt with the matter at hand.. leading to some diplomatic 'awkwardness'.

The story is now only one story.. no sense seperating things by languages. We can all use google translate and the quote function to translate postings we dont understand to our own language (it's generally decent enough).




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a week ago Curtos has a similar idea ( #7). He suggest that the Kara/Kami/neutral have a common, laguage independently forum, for a better communication.

I agreed with him and now i agree with minou.

In my oppinion, its not necessary, to translate all post in all languages. Often its enough to have a "Google" translation to understand the cors of a statement.

I think especially a international RP-Forum will be a good idea, because, like Minou said,
The story is now only one story.. .


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Back in January we got these news;
- In order to improve communication between communities, official forums will be rearranged with new multilanguage sections.
I hope they are still working on it.


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I like this idea a lot. On facebook if someone posts something in a different language a "translate button" shows underneath it which automatically translates it (not sure if it uses google translate or whatever). I believe this would be a nice addition to the forums and means a player could hit the button on all the needed posts and view everything in 1 go in their language. I have no idea how this could be achieved but thought it was worth a post :)



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There is already a "translation" function added to each forum post (on the top right). It works more or less okayish with English texts into German, however, the translations of French language into German are ... eccentric, I'd say. No idea how it works the other way around ...


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One server - one storyline - one forum
Good points Aymh, Minou, Curtos, and everybody else! :-)

Who knows? Maybe in five more years, while continuing playing Ryzom, I will be able to read french a bit?

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Heck, just in the last six months my knowledge of French has increased 1000%.

This doesn't mean much because 10 x 0.001% is still 0.01%, but the work I have done trying to understand the Tryker constitution and some of the interactions between the Matis and the Fyros have allowed me to "fix" some of the FR>>EN translations of Da Google. I would be very much in favor of an International Forum in addition to the current language-specific fora.


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Greaty, Bittty. Now try to learn German, too. ;)


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I'll take this opportunity to thank all the French players who, after the merger, made and continue to make efforts to speak in English, instead of staying in little language clusters.

The opposite doesn't happen nearly so often ... although, as Bittty says, some English players may have learned a bit of French during these months. I know I did.


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Cette idée était déjà acceptée, le travail en cours.

Work is on-going.

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Thanks a lot Tamarea, Vielen Dank, Muchas gracias, большое спасибо, どうもありがとうございました, etc. (zut j'avais oublié en français: merci beaucoup!)


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