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how about implementing the territory warz feature..???
dunno how it would work, guess it is essentially terrifying...

now entering void region everyone elses status zorais wont win...

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Sounds like you're talking about spires, which would change the regions from all neutral (as they are now), to being controlled by karavan or kamis, thus rendering teleports of opposing faction members useless.

This was a feature planned from the beginnings of ryzom, that never saw the light of day.



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Thank Jena it never did.  I would not have had the six plus years of enjoyment that I have had.


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Minou (atys)
This was a feature planned from the beginnings of ryzom, that never saw the light of day.

Actually no it's not, it was planned when they brought in PvP.

And I agree with Bittty.


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Minou (atys)
This was a feature planned from the beginnings of ryzom, that never saw the light of day.

It may never have seen the light of day but it was actually mostly complete, including some example content. It was going to be sort of like EVE Online's sovereignty system. But the fact that it was going to expand the scope of PvP, as you can tell from the other comments on the thread, meant it was met with visceral opposition.

I think it's a good idea but I'm a fan of anything that gives players more 'ownership' in the world. And I'm also not a heavy player so it doesn't affect me quite like the other veterans.


In Ryzom Core we've begun investigating where this was left off and working on documenting it for use with other games. You can see the concept and what very little we've uncovered here:

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Thanks for that link, Aajay!

Reading through that description I like most of it very much from a general gameplay and game mechanics perspective. I'm undecided if it would actually fit into Ryzom. The reason is that I believe the community is severely divided into those for and those against PVP.

The concept as described would affect the spawn points and TPs of all, even those against PVP.

Personally I'd probably tolerate that because any addition to Ryzom providing more content that doesn't severely break things for those not liking that addition, is a good thing, imho. Also in game I'd love to watch big battles raging. It would separate guild/political pvp from faction/religious pvp.

To be acceptable to the majority I think the spawn/tp issue must be fixed. Maybe this requires just two easy changes:
- To those tagged, the described TP/spawn point rules apply, to those untagged they do not
- The tagged/untagged cooldown timer is greatly increased to e.g. two hours, possibly even a full day

It would allow those who are generally not tagged and opposed to pvp to continue playing their game style while at the same time preventing people from untagging/retagging to get closer to an opposing spire via TP/spawn.

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It will not be added because it's very like the Spires which can't be added for now.


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wowzer thanks for the feedback :o)
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