buy bulk upgrades for apartment (with dappers, not real money)
yes 87 (14)
no 18 (2)
Other 5
Abstain 9
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bump, still looking for this too.... old forums links show it's a long long long standing community request.


Remickla (atys)
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Whwn it comes to resource management, it always has tobe implemented in a manner that allows one to have enough storage for items they need ... versus items they don't really need and which can be exploited.

- Do we ant the game to permit the storage of 10,000 eggs?
- Do we ant the game to permit the storage of 100,000 sap rystals ?

I remember before merge,Mistaey and I were nearing the usefil life of our HA and IIRC, we were weew waiting on weather to dig silverweed. I was in my max parry gear, taking the occassional vorax for a walk around the block when they arrived so Misa could dig in peace. Another player had arrived about 5minutes before pop time dragging an aggro Vorax fom "outta town". I put it on a leash and ran in circles around the nearby OP while Misa rez'd the guy and invited him to team.

A minute or so into dig time, a vorax wandered over and killed Misa, I dragged the Vorax offher and took for a walk. He propsetced , walked over her dead body and dig out the sups. Since this was before enchants, nothing I could do for Misa so I ran off and lost aggro came back and rez'd her.

The thing is, while we were waiting, he told us that he had two solo guilds, tfor him and his alt on same account. Both GHs were filled to the max with ONLY sups.

It's not that one could ever use up all those resources with just 2 folks, it was all about keeping them from other players. I don't think the game should permit that,

The implementation of the storage box idea provides the solution to this problem.. provide umlimited storage for uniquie items... Wither had armor racks where you could display yoiur gear... Ryzom lets us have all the apartment items we want... do the same from clothes (storage for lingerie and shirts) . Have storage boxes or shelves for pliushies.

But craft mats, gear, etc involving the ability to affect gameplay ... no, that should be limited. As to what level ... that I don't even want to delve into.


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