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Hi all,

I'm back to Ryzom after a 4 year leave and in the meantime I switched from Windows to Mac, so this is the first time i have this problem.

I downloaded Ryzom from the App Store, installed it, no problem, I created my character, as you can see, but when the loading screen appears and the yellow wheel is full, nothing else happens and it freezes, but not in a conventional way : the music is playing in loop, I can move the mouse but I can't return to Mac OS nor open the Force to Quit window and I have to shut down manually.

So this is getting quite annoying, especially when I did nothing else but install the game.

As I see it, there might be one explanation : I'm playing next to a friend on Win7, and his version is 2.1.0. As mine is 2.0.0, I wonder if I didn't miss a patch somewhere. Then again, on Win7 the patch installed itself the first time he launched Ryzom, and not on Mac OS.

My Mac version is 10.7.1 (MBPro 2.3GHz/4G-Ram). If anyone has had this problem, a little help would be much appreciated.

Thanks and good game to all.

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I had the exact same problem with my MacBook Pro! It's a problem with the MacBook Pro's only. I found a solution but it's been more then a year so I have to look it up again and to be honest I don't remember where/how I did it exactly. I will try to find it and reply again. You can also just google "Ryzom MacBook Pro problem" or something like that! I think I found my solution on the official ryzom forum but I can be wrong. Good luck and if I find it I'll reply! :D
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