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#226 [en] 

TP achievements should work correctly for the current alignment. If Daomei is neutral then her achievement list should be only for neutral-available pacts - and the achievement list should be complete once she does that. There should be no requirement to temporarily align with kami/kara and get their pacts too.

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#227 [fr] 

L'accomplissement "Si j'avais un marteau" ne se valide pas avec une pioche nation.
Serait-il possible de modifier cela ?

Merci d'avance :)

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One only needs to make 6 jools to get credit for donning a set of +165 jools, one of each.  Put them on (say left side where there's doubles), wait up to 8 minutes for save then move the earing, ring, anklet and bracelet to other (right) side.

And yes, figured that out **after making** sets of 10 :)


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