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I support the idea.

Surely the fine folk of the jungle would want some piece of cloth to shelter their heads from the ever-falling, damp, mood-souring, soul-crushing um. I mean rain. Surely they would see the need to be a bit protected from the rain? Some fiber imbued with oil so as the water won't go easily through it?

Similarly, fyros should put together some sort of hats made of straws, maybe with the extra protection from the sun, their politics won't resemble a chorus of aggravated baboons .. sorry, I digress. There's winds in the lakes and falling branches in the forest too, I guess.

Maybe this headgear should actually degrade dodge and parry, since it's restricting your field of vision a bit, but could provide a bit of damage absorption and a lesser chance for a headshot stun?

tl;dr +1


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lol I would love more dodge modifier, or even a bit of pf, getting hit in the head while in focus gear sux!!!!!!

And Like I was sayin I dont think they could really make it a visible piece of armr due to face/hair, but at least let us equip!!!!

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Pretty sure this thread (heh) deserves a bump.


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