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Since the merge there is no access to Almati forest other than through the basic occupations, more exactly those which are done fully or partially in the Kitin Lair such as butcher, medic, larvester, and water-carrier.

Before, at every temple or temple construction site, a teleporter npc existed which offered free teleport to the Kami or Karavan camp in Almati forest. The reappearance of the faction npcs in the capitals brought back that npc, too, yet it is malfunctioning. It offered its service a few times, then stopped. In conversation with a GM I learnt that this access is probably intentionally blocked by the event team.

Kindly inform what is intended with access to Almati. I consider the curfew a major disgrace and a wrong decision. The tickets obtained through occupations are relatively rare, one per day and occupation if you are running it, the first time only 1 per 2 days. Only when doing more than one lair occupation at a time (out of 3 possible) one may obtain more than one ticket a day.

That is simply wrong. Players should not feign occupation only to get the tickets. It should be possible to join a team to hunt kizokoo, to explore the lair, to rez people fallen there, or to show the lair and its features to new players without having to worry about doing an occupation in a regular way. Sometimes when doing occupations one may have forgotten gear etc. and wish to go back. Being locked there due to shortage of tickets is bad.

Kindly remediate that condition. Almati always used to be part of Atys not a restricted area.

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I almost never go to Almati/Kitin Lair, but I agree with this plea 100%. The Woods are part of Atys and not a special privilege of a few.


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why cant me the npc teleport to Kitin lair anymore ? That NPC pupose was just this , to teleport player to Almati wood, it should function properly again ASAP.
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