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You've all seen it:
, 3 20:00: [Fyros] Kitins in the bottom of the Dunes (45 to go)
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, 4 20:00: [Trykers] Free our homes! (1 to go)
, 5 20:00: [Zoraïs] Official Event (2 to go)
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, 6 20:00: [Matis] Official Event (3 to go)
Details to come

45 WHAT to go? 1 WHAT to go? And what happened to the month? Just putting it in here so it may get noted.


P.S. if this is due to re-writing the WebIG to compensate for the difference between US date format and Continental date format, I feel that most US folk would be able to understand 2 November, 2012 even if the short notation of 2/11/12 would confuse us for a while.

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Agree with all said, but the short date notation: Even if that heeds the locale settings it may confuse either the British or the Aussies or the US folks, I guess.

On second thought, no one would believe there's an anouncement for Feb already, but 6th of May may be a troublemaker. Anyway, for client software with only a casual display of dates I never understood why the display of the date isn't fixed to sth like 4 Nov 2012. Granted, the month abbreviations have to be translated...


The 2 Nov 2012 format is probably the best way to do it since the abbreviation of the month actually makes translation unnecessary in most European languages.

To remove any confusion the date (and time) should always be accompanied by the countdown (45 mins to go, 2 hrs 15 mins to go, 2 days to go etc.)

'2 to go' etc. has got to be a mistake and explains nothing to anyone.

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