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I am posting that problem here as I assume it is related to ARCC and Webig issues. The newly setup faction NPC are offfering teleport services as they did in the past. Yet, since a couple of days this seemingly does not work reliably anymore. After having offered the teleport once, the NPC don't have it available anymore. It simply does not show up once used.

Seemingly, teleport is becoming available again after some time. Possibly it is connected to the cooldown time of the NPC for occupation missions.

That is not desirable. I always enjoyed the possibility to visit the Kitin Lair, looking what has changed and how the current situation is, whether Kizokoo is up and all that. Due to the risks of the Lair it is not ok when one may go there only once or twice a day. The occupation tp ticket are needed for the occupations, even they were always in short supply if one only had to rely on them. In earlier times we had two faction teleport NPCs in every capital region, now only one offerich tp only every 2 days


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Still happening which is quite frustrating to say the least. If you need to interrupt your stay there you're barred for a long while =/
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