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I get this error when trying to launch the game on my other PC. I followed the instructions to delete the data_common.bnp file but then it still says msg.xml doesn't match.

I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it then I get both files don't match. I then delete the data_common.bnp file and then just the msg.xml error. One thing I did notice is the game doesn't do any update after a new install and did so on my other PC.

This is running on Windows 7 pro 64bit, oddly enough it runs great on windows 8. :P

Any help is appreciated, I really don't want to have to put windows 8 on 2 PC's that would be a nightmare.


Problem has been solved, looks like my son never activated his account via the email sent. Instead of getting an error about his account it basically prevented the game from patching therefore giving the xml error.

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I'm actually having exactly this problem, and it has not resolved itself. My account is currently subscribed and active (I double checked my account info when I saw this post, since today was my renewal date).

I was previously logged in, had some map issues (the wrong flags edited thing mentioned in another thread), and attempted relogging when my client simply stopped loading and started crashing with the error that it could not find the client_config.cfg file (and later that it could not find Windows/System32 folder) - so I did a fresh reinstall (after attempting repairs, etc).

If there are any insights on this... It would be most helpful.

After deleting the data_common.bnp, now I get
"Path not found for msg.xml" and can go no further.

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Hi Jennifer,

Have you tried reinstalling? This should fix the issue.


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