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The forum is way slower then before the merge. Is this only for me or also for others?


I haven't noticed any difference. I get clips of slowness but that happened pre-merge for me as well.


I guess it has to do with a lot of work underway on the Webserver. I encountered limited operation of Webig repeatedly, sometimes PHP error messages appeared, partially on top, partially instead of the home window, They disappeared after short time.
I am not unhappy that work is being done, even if it results in certain inconvenience.


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It's possible that the server migrations have caused some delays. Perhaps a local DNS issue. If any of that is the case you should see improvement in the next couple of days.


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If anything, it got slightly faster for me.


Was slightly slower for me, too; but I didn't notice any name resolution delays.
It was the same with locally cached dns. The server sometimes seems to have eventual delays (varying from approx. 150 to 5000ms) between request and response while pings to DE-CIX stay within 25-40ms.
Routing issues? Trace results were meaningless / normal :-/ ..


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