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First, excuse my english if it is not good.

The Clan macFay is a guild from Aniro who opens its doors to english spoken people but the majority of the clan is French.
We are a traditionalist clan of Tryker, motivated by the exploration, the trade, the politics and the dappers. We are followers of the Karavan although we have some little disagreement with the official church (clearly, we believe that Jena has a husband, this is the heresy that Jinovitch tried to destroy during his reign).
Our clan has roots in the region of the Fairy Coast, near Jeniah. We were members of the council of Jeniah. We were traders, sailors, inventors, merchants, explorators… We trade water with fyros during the famous Water Caravans.
When the fall of civilization happened, we fought on the bridge of Jeniah to permit our people to flee. After, some of our clan saw the Zorai close their doors to the tryker refugees when the Kitins have attacked. So, we don’t really like the Zorais. Finally, we were saved, like many refugees, by the Karavans and the rainbows of this curious man named Elias.
Now, we are in the New Trykoth and we do want to rebuild the wealth and the power of our clan. If you are a cousin or a nephew, you can rejoin your clan and your family by telling in game Luth, Yonder or Lydzy, or you can inscribe you to our forum : .
Our guild is based upon the roleplay, the trade, the exploration and the politics. You must be a Tryker to join me (exceptions can be made with a very specific story). We have a true family roleplay and we want politic power and a lot but very a lot of dappers !
In hoping to see you soon !
Luth macFay, member of the clan macFay.
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