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Fyros folk,

You want to build a better future for your children ? You want to be of service to your people ? You are looking for a dynamic job that will bring you fullfiment ? This is our passion, that we put to good use, every day, in service of our land and our Empire.

The Fyros Legions are back !

The Legions are all about the group and coherent spirit. Because we belive in the Empire's values above everything else, the defense of our land at the core of every one of our actions.

The Legions have gathered valiant and determined wariors, fighting for the ongoing prosperity of the Empire, ever since the first refugees' arrival on our new lands.

Want to join a real cause ?

In the service of your country, you will perform a variety of mission during kitin invasion, thus protecting your family. Every kind of talents are essential in the face of such disasters ; The Legions and their structure will give you the way to reveal your potential.

Wish to broaden your experience up to our boorders and beyond ?

As a member of the Legions, you will contribute to the collective defense of the Desert. You will participate in border preservation and crisis management missions. Helping the Fyros patriots will be a part of your every day life.

You want to see a real evolution during your career ?

Because the threats against the Empire are always changing, you will be continuously trained to new skills. Your daily work will vary constantly, so that you will never know boredom.

If you are interested in such challenges ... If you want to join us in this great adventure ... Then contact the Legions and take part in the defense of the Desert and the Fyros liberties.

Meet us in our barracks for more information !

We're a guild originally from Aniro, mainly composed from french-speakers, but we decided to recruit english speaking people ; there will be some mistakes in our texts and we apologise for them. (If you want to help us correct them, every help is accepted !).
You can find more information about us on our forum, or ingame on the legions channel, accessible with the command /channel legions, or by telling any legionaries.


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J'ai deux avatars dans le jeu, un gros guerrier et un soigneur qui n'a pas encore de guilde.

Le guerrier est pas loin du niveau 100 et le soigneur est à 53.

Vous voulez bien me prendre dans votre guilde?

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Oren pyr

Les légions fyros existent-elles encore? J'ai vu qu'icus n'était plus dans les légions semble-t-il, alors je me pose la question.

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