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Hello Friends! Welcome to Asylum! Our guild is an English speaking guild of both longtime players as well as newcomers to Atys. We are aligned with the Kami faction, but neutral players are always welcome. We have many experienced players who will be able to provide guidance, equipment, and assistance. We also have a vent server that makes communication much easier whether we are working together, or on individual tasks. Vent capabilities are not a requirement, but are strongly encouraged.
We will regularly participate in guild events, such as treks, boss hunts, NPC hunts, digging for mats, and whatever else looks like fun! If you have any questions, please send a /tell to our fearless Guild Leader: Yakapo, or High Officers: Firstdo, Drezar, Frivolous, Hephestus, Syliph or Monje, or any other Asylum players you see!
Hope to see you in guild soon!



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I'd like to join thanks

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can you e-mail the vent info via in-game e-mail to me, i'll get the software for myself and rosina (we can use it on one computer in the same room as we always play together) and once we get in touch with our third RL friend who's toon is rosilia (i know they're too much alike in the name, my "wifey" is ros, our friend is lia) i'll install it on her's as well, that will add to it.. (also our friend is f2p as of right now, but i believe that in the future she'll be a p2p)


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Hey everybody, after being inactive for some time, Asylum is coming back :) We are a pvp oriented guild who are looking for players who want a serious yet relaxed guild focused around high level players. When doing group activities we will be using Vent to communicate.

Some of the activities that we will be doing include and are not limited to
Named / Boss Hunts on a regular basis
Supreme PR Region digging as a group
Supernode digs
Tagged, Faction and Friendly PvP.
NPC Boss hunts
Grinding with Guildies
Outpost Battles

At this point in time we are only looking for experienced players who have at least 1 Master. Contact any of the following if you are interested in joining; Firstdo, Bucshotz, Drezar, Khandoma, Hephestus, Syliph, Virg, and Bones :)

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Leader of Asylum

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i want to join you please

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I would like to join if I could. Thank you

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In response to recent banning of Firstdo(permanent), We would like to congratulate our new guild leader, Drezar!

Reason of ban - image by agan.

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I'm back and I'm in Asylum.
I was promised cookies (still pending?) though...


Also my name is Sygmus now apparently...but old ppl should remember me as Sygma!
or Sygtoub... or Noob...
or That creepy always naked blue dude who throws rice too much.


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Sygmus (atys)
That creepy always naked blue dude who throws rice too much.

Doesn't narrow it down as much as you might think . . .

Welcome back :-D


It's bad luck to be superstitious . . .

Palta e decata, nan nec ilne matala.

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Welcome into the Camp. Friends.
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