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For the many players who have made enquiries about subscribing their account so they dont lose character levels etc.

Payment Methods

To be assured of character levels retention you must have a current subscription until at least the 30th of September.

Be warned ... Some of the payby cash methods can take 24hours or longer to process, so dont leave this to the last minute.
Many debit only type cards do not work via the Bibit susbscription system as these cards require a pin code on each transaction and there fore wont work in a "reccuring subscription" environment.

A Credit Card is the easiest method and subscriptions are usually instant.
For those who have enquired about "how to stop" reccuring subscriptions on their credit card they just need to follow the simple steps below.

To stop your recurring subscription, please follow these steps:

- Go to your account profile: Account Profile Login
- On the first page click the link to "Edit your personal information or change your password".
- On that page down the bottom there is a toggle which will allow you to "Terminate your current subscription...".
- When you tick and press "Validate", your subscription will no longer be recurring.

The system may ask you to confirm your decision by confirmation email. If that is the case you will receive an email with a link to confirm the canceling process.

*** You will be allowed to play until the end of your current subscription period.***

I hope this helps answer your questions.

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A debit card worked for me, so it's worth a try.

Why is PayPal still not an option after all these years? I'm certain there are people out there who would like to subscribe but can't without a PayPal option.

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Okay, so I have an old account and was created before the server merge. I subscribed and unsubscribed before the server merge, and I had a long break so I had no idea what changed in the game. Currently, I have a new free-trial account. If I resub my old account, will I get my character back? (I know I won't get my gears back) Also, my new account and my old account have the characters with the same names. Will this cause problems?

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If you re-sub your old account and talk to the CSRs you can get your old toons back *unless* their names are used by someone else (including you on your f2p account).  It's not automatic, but its easy.

The answer to your second question is obviously: Yes.


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Just note that "getting your old character back" implies the levels (skills) but - like all others - the char will be stripped of any dappers, mats, any inventory at all. Also the occupation levels are lost. Again, this happened to all (subscribed) characters during the server merge. I believe all free2play accounts got wiped completely.

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@Irfidel So you mean my old toon can't be restored? Also, I did get my name changed for this toon, will that cause any more problems?

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No, I didn't say that.

Like Bitty said, your toon can be restored by the support team (CSR). They will only restore your char's skill levels.

I only wanted you to understand that all items & dappers & occupation levels are gone for good. This happened to everyone, even subbed accounts during the server merge.
Reason was a reset of the economy and some ingame Dapper price adjustments

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you can get the old toon restored if you resub the account, and the names are not changed or taken since merger, your skills will be restored, all other items you had including dappers will be set to 0, you should however get the special gear that all sub accounts got after the merger (basic pack only, if you do a search for the information in the fourms i believe you'll find out what that gear is.)


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Thanks everyone :D
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