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Since wednesday Xatokar is getting a perptual black screen after selecting character. This is the same for all characters on the paid account.
I was able to crate a new character and play him and make him a reckless but on relog same as the others.
I am able to play any character on my free account.
I have Vista 32 bit and 50K dialup internet. but usually I can run main and f2p with only a little sluggishness.
client log:


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any changes ?

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Doubt it, looks like a couple of homins on Aniro have similar problem.

Will try logging in after work.

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Yay, finally got in :) thanks, hope it keeps working :)

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It is not really fixed, trick is to wait in character select screen 5 minutes then select character. And even that doesnt even work most of the time anymore :(

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A complete reinstall to an empty folder didn't change anything. Free account characters load fine. paid account character Xatokar gets still gets black screen, may take more than an hour of trying before it finally loads character.

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The game would need some patching after a reinstall, is this patch process successful?

Also run the (windows only) configuration exe C:\ryzom\ryzom_configuration_rd.exe and turn down all graphics to minimum check that you have selected Direct3d, disabled all advanced display functions, disable sound and run game "Windowed" in say 1024x768.

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Linux client has same issue. Reinstalled a few times and ran update.sh. No luck so far
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