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When you have to remind yourself to not say "Woha!" (Zoraï for "Hello!") when you answer the phone or say "Iko!" (Zoraï for ""well done") when something fantastic happens.


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When youre standing on a street corner with a sign that reads:

"Will suffer Goo Damage for food!"



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...when you're driving to work and you try to /follow the car in front of you.


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When you have dreams of Wombai inn your back yard


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When you have dreams of Wombai inn your back yard

That would be a nightmare (the sound they are making would really be irritating)


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When you call your team mates at work guildies


This idea of "I'm offended". Well I've got news for you. I'm offended by a lot of things too. Where do I send my list? Life is offensive. You know what I mean? Just get in touch with your outer adult. (Bill Hicks)

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When the guy you work with walks in your office and says. "Kami'ata"


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When you see one of those white oval bumper stickers with the letters HH...

and you wonder why anyone would want to put an advertizement for Heretic's Hovel on their car.

(it's actually for Hilton Head).

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When you ask the salesman at Sports Authority if these hockey gloves were made with sup zun or shooketh bud.

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When your driving down the road, spot a cow and start singing, "Shalahlalala shalahlalala shalahlalala la la la la shalah la laaaaa!"

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When the baby is crying at night, you half-wake up and tell your wife: "I heard messab shouting !"
(True story)

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When your job is downsized and they want you to work at home and your first thought is "good - more time on Atys".


It's bad luck to be superstitious . . .

Palta e decata, nan nec ilne matala.

When one goes on a journey it is not the scenery that changes, but the traveller

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...when you IRL wake up in the morning, open your eyes and wonder where your chat window went. (true story! :-))

and also

...when you find it necessary to add "IRL" to any mention of your offline existence.

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When EVERY SINGLE TRIP to the home & garden store includes at least 5 minutes of you staring at the picks wondering how many you can carry without interfering with your plans for the day.

(I can neither confirm nor deny the veracity of this one..)





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lmao funny one Yuritau


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Why you are weak? Because you lack Hatred
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