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Unless you require a fancy domain - I can provide a ftp/http server (or at least a mirror for those tools).


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Thanks Amiko but the host site isn't the problem at this point. Though the tools have been used bt many foir years as standalone tools, Mirakel did a great amount of work in a very short amount of time programming them for Web IG and he is the only one with the source files.

I hope that once he gets his site straightened out that he will arrange for someone to "take custody" of, and perhaps continue the work, for the remaining tools s well s host the files.


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Sent an e-mail to Mirakel last week hoping he might turn over the project to another caretake, As there's been no response, I don't think we'll be able to bring the tools back as an IG app any time soon unless we find another volunteer to do the Web IG programming. As most of the tools are spreadsheet based, I have most of the tables that were used but none of the GUI stuff.

I want to thank Mirakel for the amazing work he did, accomplishing so much in so little time. Will keep you posted in and when thinks change; meanwhile all apps remain available as out of game tools.


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