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I'ld like the current HPs of an item displayed in the mouseover info window.
Currently the mouseover window info window displays the stat boost like +125 focus in the bottom left of the window.
Be nice if the current HPs such as 15 hp were diplayed in the bottom right.
Be nice if both stats were added to the mouseover info window of equipped items too.

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Great idea. It's always such a pain to check through how much dura I've got left on jewels, armor and amps. This simple little thing would help immensely.


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Maybe as an option to turn on and off, not necessarily always displayed. But it would be nice to have.


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Here is your idea in game:

In test.


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looks great!


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Can we align the HP/Sap/.. horizontally? It's starting to look big. :)



#7 [en] 

I have usually up to 2 different boosts (3 icons) so not that big. And it is easier to compare for me. So I vote no unless i can change it back :)

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I go through items fast when I go grind.. and checking / rechecking durability was a pain in the .. so definitely a welcome change.But yes, maybe an added checkbox in the Options panel, to turn this off sometimes would be welcome as well.


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In test.


Thank you! Been asking for that for years.


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