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There are a few things everyone's posted that cover what I was thinking - As far as the current interface goes, it really doesn't need TOO much changing/adding to make it even more perfect. I agree with the more customizable 2nd action bar and not moving new actions into the action bar... that one does get somewhat old, pretty quick.

Aside from these the only other thing I would really suggest is having the radar actually show the terrain from the map on it... possibly with the option to enable/disable the rotation of the radar.

It's been somewhat irritating for me to have both the radar and my map open (resized to a very small size) JUST so that I can find where I'm going based on the radar's arrow and the map's terrain view.

Also, IDK if the ability to place items on the action bar should really be implemented, just because it would interfere with the realism aspect that Ryzom is so amazing at instating. If, in real life, you needed to get something from your bag, and your hands were full (sword/shield, or something) then you would NEED to open your bag and find it to use it. Same goes for re-equipping your weapon when you get disarmed.

...and believe me, when in Silan and I kept getting disarmed by the Javings... I was WISHING that there was a hotkey or a way to set my weapong to the actionbar, but a little later I realized that I enjoyed the challenge of realism present in the game at that time.

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- what you like about it
being able to open/close any window
customizability (position, size)

- what you hate about it
impossible to hide the menu completely

sometimes while typing the chat window loses focus and all kinds of things will pop open/close

- what functionalities you would like to see added
It's possible to change the default screenshot size in config (which will disable the interface as well) enable this option via the in game config AND make the hide interface part optional (for all screenshots, maybe config option as well)

make different schemes for the window (or make it possible for players to create their own with a simple tool, involving no XML-File editing)

- what functionalities you never use
never: none (things deactivated by the config)
barely: a lot of things dug deep in the menu (e.g. the help)

- any bugs you have found
font size in the package missions (Rybambel) is too small in some cases


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Something I really hate is free look. I never used it intentionally (after having given it a try) and don't see much of use. But quite often I got into that mode unintentionally, causing wierd movements, impaired actions, frequently died in dangerous regions like PR. Moreover, there is a bug in free move that sometimes does not restore normal mode completely (only after teleport/passing portal). If it were completely removed or at least hidden deeper in the UI making unintentional use unlikely, I would appreciate that.


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Just remembered - the clock shown on the compass; would it be too much to ask for an option to show military/standard time? it's somewhat irritating that its always in military, and when I'm in game, its usually the only way I keep track of time in the real world, lol.

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Most of what has been said is either what I had in mind for the UI or something I really hadn't had a problem with before. However, I would like to make the radar give more information on what's out there--for example, coloring aggro mobs one color and coloring passive mobs another color, or setting up colors for specific mobs (e.g. green for Yubos, red for Gingos, and crimson for Kinchers) that you could customise in Settings. That would really help.


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It just hit me - the weight of items should be a little easier to see than having to right-click and choose info. Maybe have the Tool-Tip (Compact Mode) show the weight under the name, and under Detailed Mode have it just show the weight right there under the name.

Usually when my inventory is getting a bit full, I like to find out what's weighing it down the most, and then choose what to do with that item (I know usually it's whatever you have the most of, but sometimes the 1 item weighs more than a stack of 20 of another.)

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