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#148 [en] 

If the client is in windowed mode and you set the viewable window to be max screen size, it resizes down on a relog. It does this twice on Windows but only once on Linux. If you do not catch the 2nd resize on Windows, all your UI elements are moved around. Please for the love of Kami get rid of the hard coded small window size on launch. Have it remember last screen size.
I'll see if I can reduce the forced switching or 2nd resize issue on Windows.
Unfortunately login/char select UI is currently fixed to 1024x768.
Ui positions and macros don't save unless you cleanly exit the client.
There will be save button in both keys and macros window shortly



#149 [en] 

Many years back I experimented with the size change and got char select to play nice. I lost that code locally but I do remember it was not a pretty sight to mess with.

Very awesome to hear of the save button.


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