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I have been playing Ryzom for about a month right now, when lately out of the blue something strange happened. After character selection when the loading ring appears, it loads 6 parts and then freezes. I started client from terminal, and here's the output i get :

Patching Ryzom data...
Launching Ryzom...
XML reading failed!
Interface XML reading failed!
Some XML files are corrupted and may have been removed.
Ryzom may need to be restarted to run properly.
Would you like to quit now?
(Y)es or (N)o ?Y
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

The HEY! ... part shows up when loading arrives at the 6th part of the ring.

I am on Ubuntu 12.04, 64 bit

What can I do to resolve this? Please help me, I want to be able to play this marvelous game :)

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Try renaming your character's save files in the save directory.


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I'll post the solution I got on the support chat that worked for me :

First I got to ~.ryzom/user , there was a file widgets.xml which was empty. I deleted the file and run client once again, it got recreated and the problem wanished.

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What I posted is often a culprit on windows installs when that error comes up; so, though it might apply in this case as well. :D


No guild. No fame.
Gorran is my name.

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