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I am having continuing problems progressing into the game from the character (Utai) login screen.

It happened yesterday - but I put that down to a delay between my account payment and syncing with login server.

However - after sucessfully logging in last night and tonight - i have experianced an in-game crash and cannot exit the character selection screen to login to game.

HELP !!!!


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Now it get to log in....

there is an issue here !!!


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What OS are you on? Windows, Mac or Linux and version too?

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Logged in succesfully tonight - phew.


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There seem to have been occasional server gilitches. Mokoi said my Error: error (4000) question was a matter of lack of server response.



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logging in right now getting the same error....
Certainly seems to be intermitant

<edit 10mins later>

And now I can get past the character selection screen.

Time Outs ?

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Try a pathping/tracert to ryzom.com when it happens again.
You might be in an area that has a bad connection to the data center hosting the ryzom servers.

If you're close to the data center it might be a high package loss because of a bad connection somewhere
or if you're far away there might just be too many people using the same connection.

Usually UDP based games are more resilient to such network errors during playing the game than while logging in. (and ryzom uses UDP)

And if you have a ryzom loving friend close by (same street, best even with the same isp) - see if that friend has trouble as well.


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Thanks Jamys
That is where my thinking is leading me :)
Latency - laws of physics and the speed of light etc. etc. etc.
I live in New Zealand - so that is about as far away as possbile from the data center that host the ryzom servers.
Think I am only kiwi playing ryzom.


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