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Downloaded and installed ok...it even patched up but when I try to start the game I get a C++ runtime error. I followed the suggestions under that error msg in the sticky to no avail. I have a fresh (less than 6 mos old) install of Win XP and IE, am pretty sure Im not infected with anything I run Microsoft security center and malwarebytes regularly...any suggestions ?

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My suggestion would be to record the actual error and post it here. Other common suggestions are to check your drivers for your video and to try a reinstall. Otherwise you seem to be doing the right things. You can email support at support-ee@ryzom.com


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Thank you for the reply. I tried reinstalling and its working now. Not sure what fixed it but I think the first time I closed the game while it was restarting after patching (because I wanted to defrag) and that seems to have caused the startup error. Looking foward to giving it a go, I love "sandbox" games and have been looking for something unique.

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Welcome to Atys then!
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