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The Circles of the Awakened have met to assess and discuss the threat posed by this widespread Goo infection in the Witherings. The guilds Guardians of Zora and Monks of Polonius were present, as well as independent Hunters of the Infected and the Tryker Taliari, represented by Aeden Artisans and Guardians of Jena.

The Trykers were invited because the Lakelands is the only region other than the Jungle also contaminated by the Goo. Moreover, the Trykers currently hold lands in the Void. Therefore, the Zoraï believed it was in their own interest and a part of their duty to coolaborate.

Senior Master Healer Tao Sian informed the Circles that most homins have already recovered from the mysterious illness afflicting them. She also did not believe said illness was directly related to the Goo infection. However, there were reports of bands of Goo infected Gibbaï roaming the Void and attacking all homins on sight.

Upon Tao Sian's request, the group set out to collect samples of infected Gibbaï. First, samples were collected from infected Gibbaï in Grove of Umbra, then from Valcorenoch, an overgrown Gibbaï leader, and lastly, from this new band of roaving Gibbaï terrorizing the Void.

Tao Sian believed the group in Void was behaving differently than the other Gibbaï and was somehow linked with the Ruins of Zo-Kian. More information will be released once the samples are fully analyzed.

All homins interested in coolaborating with the Zoraï in this matter can feel free to contact the Circles of the Awakened in Zora.

Rikutatis, Zoraï Awakened.


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

#2 [en] 

Notes and observations from the research notebook of Tao Sian, Senior Master Healer, The Witherings.

A research party left Zora and traveled to Grove of Umbra to observe Goo infected Gibbaï. These Gibbaï were located in or near the blighted zone. Extremely aggressive behavior was observed and the group appeared to react as a collective and their attack and appeared to be hyper-aggressive in nature. Trinkets and fur and blood samples were taken from the corpses. The trinkets were similar in nature to the ones found on non-infected Gibbaï. The fur and blood samples revealed high concentrations of Goo, which was expected. Besides the Goo proliferation of the blood and fur, the Gibbaï samples seemed normal in all other aspects. It appears that high concentrations of Goo is the cause of the increased aggressivity and group minded activity.

The research party then ventured to the Void where samples were taken of Valcorenoch and of a wandering band of infected Gibbaï.


The subject Valcorenoch was found next to the blighted zone and was a formidable force which took quite a few homin to subdue it. Initial observations were that Valcorenoch is a Gibbaï that has similar features and abilities as the anomaly known as Gibbakya. It is noted that the whiskers of this specimen seem to have become hardened into two horns which could be used as additional weapons. This specimen carried a unique trinket not found on other Gibbaï (infected or not). The fur and blood samples from this specimen revealed high concentration of Goo, similar to the infected Gibbaï found in the Grove of Umbra. It is noted that this specimen appears to be suffering from a type of Goo infection.


The wandering band of infected Gibbaï were found near to the Zo-Kian ruins. Reports by eye witnesses impart that the band was seen in the areas of Paramount Stock and the Lost Valley as well as the Zo-Kian area. It was also reported that they seemed to be acting with the purpose to seek out homin as they had been reported to turn in the direction of homin in the vicinity. Trinkets found on these subjects were also found along with bindings that were infused with an unknown substance. Upon inspection of a deserted camp in the Zo-Kian ruins, burned remnants of the bindings were found in the ashes of the fire. It is also noted that some blank paper was found nearby. Empty barrels in the immediate area were carved with strange symbols and a small sample of residue was collected from one barrel.

Examination of the fur and blood samples revealed a high concentration of Goo along with an unknown compound. A comparison was made between the residue in the barrel and the unknown compound and the characteristics were similar but could not be confirmed to be the same substance. It is hypothesized that this substance could be the reason for the aberrant behavior of the Gibbaï but without further research certain determination cannot not be made.


The symbols on the barrel, of which rubbings were made, is not a known written language of the 4 nations. Aspects of the symbols have familiar characteristics to ancient writings. Further research in the Archives is required.

#3 [en] 

Thank you for your efforts Tao Sian, we look forward to learning what your research among the Archives reveals.

The Kwaï will continue to monitor the situation among the Gibbaï and report any changes in their behavior.


Eldest, Order of the White Lotus

#4 [en] 

This unknown compound worries me. It appears to be coming from the barrels - which are marked in an unknown language - complete with a sheet of instructions for use.

The Gibbaï are using this compound on bandages which they wrap around themselves. Is this a way of controlling the effects of the Goo? Are these Gibbaï deliberately infecting themselves with Goo and using this mysterious compound to remain in control of themselves? Other animals which become infected with the Goo become aggressive to the point of madness, but the Gibbaï are moving and acting in a reasoned and calculating manner.

If this compound can control the effects of the Goo, it would be invaluable to homins as a base for anti-Goo medicine. Caution, however, must be our watch-word. I await further reports from the Awakened.


It's bad luck to be superstitious . . .

Palta e decata, nan nec ilne matala.

When one goes on a journey it is not the scenery that changes, but the traveller
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